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Effective estimation is one of the toughest challenges you'll face as a project manager, and the larger your team gets, the more important it becomes to build good habits around planning and estimating work. This course takes you through "planning poker", which is a tried and tested gamified technique for helping team members to quickly and effectively estimate the size, cost and timing of projects. 

11 minutes

This course takes you through agile project management, an approach that's ideal for teams tackling dynamic and constantly evolving projects. This methodology breaks projects up into manageable phases, allowing for short cycles of work that allow for constant revision and accelerated production. 

9 minutes

Don’t worry there’s no running involved! Agile projects are broken down into sprints, which are short, repeatable bursts of activity in which key parts of a project are completed. This mini-video explains what a sprint is, and how they can deliver value to your teams. 

2 minutes

This course concludes the AWS certified solutions series, and is for those looking to become a software architect by taking the AWS Certified Solutions Architect Associate exam. It covers infrastructure monitoring, logging and auditing security groups and cost management and optimisation. 

1 day 8 hours

Are you a business analyst working in or moving to an Agile environment? This course introduces you to recognised practices in Agile Business Analysis. You’ll discover how the work and approach differs from the traditional Business Analysis role, and by the end of the course you’ll know how to apply your new expertise to any project.  

4 minutes

Usually the last thing done in a sprint, sprint retrospectives are used in Agile project management to highlight any issues after a sprint and to decide which lessons can be applied in the future. This course takes you through best practice for conducting a sprint retrospective, and how they can add value to a project.  

15 minutes

An informal, general explanation of a product feature written from the perspective of the end user, the purpose of a user story is to articulate how the end product will bring value to the customer. This course will empower project team members to create user stories that enable collaborative problem-solving, assign value to individual tasks and drive creative solutions.  

10 minutes

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