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Highlights from the embracing hybrid working download

The workplace we left at the end of the 2010s is light-years away from the way we work today. The option to work both remotely and in the workplace is now a common expectation. Improved technology and months working in lockdown for many professionals saw a shift in work-life balance.  

Many organisations have welcomed a return to the office while introducing flexible hybrid working models that work for everyone. What began as a response to the pandemic has now evolved into common practice. Hybrid working models will likely be in place for the foreseeable future.


What is hybrid working, and is it here to stay?

A hybrid working model involves a combination of remote, semi-remote and entirely office-based employees, potentially working different scheduled hours. Since COVID-19, many businesses have embraced a hybrid set-up as the future of work.

The critical question our guide answers is not what is a hybrid set-up but what makes a great hybrid set-up. In this guide, our leadership consultants share:

  • The hidden benefits of distributed working, including improved employee mental health and autonomy
  • The potential challenges of a hybrid work environment for staff and management 
  • Practical suggestions to mitigate these obstacles help you make the most of the opportunities a hybrid business model can bring.

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Why you should download the embracing hybrid work guide

Many organisations wish they had embraced hybrid and flexible working sooner. Most held off because of uncertainty about communication and collaboration. Others worried what hybrid working models might do to the company culture. Yet, the benefits of hybrid work outweigh the drawbacks in attracting and retaining quality, self-sufficient staff.

With the tips and principles in this guide, you’ll discover how easy it is to adapt to a flexible working environment.

Access full best-practice guidance for hybrid working, including :

  • How to build and maintain structures for collaboration
  • How to approach and set up effective communication pathways
  • How to manage ongoing personal development and training remotely

It takes less than a minute to download and access the guide securely in your browser. Access it now to learn more about the challenges, benefits, and principles of hybrid work.


Our experience in hybrid working

As lifelong career partners, we’d never recommend anything we don’t fully believe in.. We offer hybrid working to our team at Hays and have seen the benefits first hand.

After two years of lockdowns, our CEO, Alistair Cox, wrote to companies urging them to consider hybrid working. Critically, they must embrace remote collaboration technologies as the world continues to throw unexpected challenges at thriving businesses.

Download and keep our essential principles in your guide to embracing hybrid work.


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