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Want to work at the heart of the tech industry?

By James Milligan, Director UK & Ireland, EMEA for Technology and Project Solutions

Technology is evolving at an exponential rate. Computer processing speeds double every 18 months. This means that the capacity of technology is not just increasing – it is accelerating.

Consider this: the first personal computers only arrived 40 years ago, and it was not commonplace to own one. Today, we live by the glow of our smartphones – portable computers, each millions of times more powerful than all of NASA’s combined computing in 1969, the year we put a man on the moon. It’s our privilege to be part of the driving force behind this tech revolution, helping to influence and place people with the right skills into roles that can change the modern world.

The technology revolution: a brief (modern) history

Change is everywhere – just look at the modern high street. Today’s shop fronts are not just brick and mortar, but screens and pixels too. Consumer expectations are higher than ever. We want to be able to find what we want, when we want it. Sometimes, we want to be shown things we didn’t even know we wanted, based on our preferences and previous purchases. Websites and apps are vital elements of any organisation’s consumer offering, and they need to offer a seamless, user-friendly experience or sales and reputation will be directly impacted.

Just look at some of the goods consumers are buying: smart watches, fitness trackers and wireless headphones. Today we can ask Alexa to switch on the lights without leaving our sofa, whilst a smart fridge tells us when we’re out of milk and a robot vacuums the floor. Wearable technology and the Internet of Things (IoT) are no longer just buzzwords, the remit of prototypes at technology fairs, but ubiquitous – present on every birthday wish list. The desire for more readily available, personalised hardware has never been higher, nor has the demand for people who can build it.

Of course, with so many devices and apps, it is unsurprising that we create 2.5 billion quintillion bytes of data each day. This data needs to be analysed, and meaningful insights gathered from it. Organisations want to know: what are people searching for, reading, buying? How do they want to pay? And, as a result, how can we improve our services and what new products should we bring to market? Machine learning and artificial intelligence also use this data, ‘learning’ from it without relying on rules-based programming.

However, the creation and storing of so much data doesn’t just present opportunities for organisations – it also presents opportunities for criminals. According to some reports, there is a hacker attack every 39 seconds. Cyber security is a top priority for nearly every company. Those that don’t protect themselves leave themselves open to fines and unlimited reputational damage. We provide companies with security by finding candidates who can solve cyber security problems, protecting businesses and customers alike.

So, what does this mean for the world of work?

It means the demand for software developers, data analysts & scientists, cloud infrastructure engineers, cyber security professionals and hundreds of other technology skills has never been higher. As it grows, so too does the need for our services as we continue to lead the way in technology recruitment. Part of our service is to plan for new jobs that didn’t exist a few years ago, and even anticipate new roles emerging in the near-future, so that organisations are always prepared for the next big technological advancement.

Finally, it means that this is a growing industry – which is perhaps an understatement. The ‘Big 5’ tech companies alone (Apple, Alphabet, Amazon, Facebook and Microsoft) are worth more than $3 trillion when combined. These firms are built on their talent, actively working with recruiters like us to keep up with demand, so our consultants have the unique opportunity to work in an exciting, ever-growing global market at a time of unprecedented change.

It’s not just the big firms that have a thirst for talent. The UK and Ireland has a thriving eco-system of start-ups and scale-ups with great products that will make a positive impact on our future by building successful businesses in Fintech, Medtech, EdTech, blockchain, IoT and beyond.

To stay up-to-date, we always engage with the latest tech news, network at the right tech events and have the agility to identify where there are opportunities. Crucially, they must find the people with the skills that organisations need to drive their business forward and match them to a role that is the right fit for them.

At Hays, we know that technology is not ‘the future’, it is the present. And we want to stay at the heart of this exciting market, by partnering with businesses making waves in the industry and the talented professionals who are shaping the world we live in.

We can offer both trainee and experienced positions for high performing individuals that can be fast-tracked into management roles within just a few years. We can offer you global opportunities after 2 years’ service at any of our 33 countries and the industry leading training which specialises in both how to become a recruiting expert as well as how to become an IT recruiting guru.

We have some of the best tech in the industry working for us meaning our brand name is strong in the market giving you the best chance of succeeding and growing you career. We hire based on personal strengths and potential, there is no need for prior experience. Passion is the only prerequisites – we can teach you the rest.

Join us on our journey to change the face of the modern world and power the technology industry.

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About this author

James is Director of Hays IT, Digital Technology and Project Solutions in the UK, Ireland and EMEA. Having joined in 2000, he is responsible for the strategy of Hays’ Project Solutions, IT and Digital Technology businesses, which includes IT contracting, permanent technology recruitment, resource augmentation and statement of work solutions across both the private and public sectors.


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