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Five steps to settle in your new job

By Thea Watson, Marketing Director of Hays UK & I and UK Board member

It’s normal to be both nervous and excited before starting a new job – after all it is the next big step in your career. With a new job comes a lot of change, such as a new commute, new colleagues and a new set of expectations. In order to ensure a strong start, you will have to adapt quickly. Here are our 5 top tips for ensuring you settle in quickly:

1. It’s okay to feel like the newbie

It can be overwhelming to go from knowing everyone and everything, to a place where you are the new person asking all the questions.

It is important to try and prioritise your learning, as there will be a lot to take in when you start. Try to focus on understanding the business, who key people to build relationships with are and what your day-to-day role will be.

Taking notes is a good way to both show initiative but also ensure you remember what you have learnt. Even though it can be uncomfortable to constantly be asking questions, this is the only way to make sure you cover all the basics. People will expect you to ask a lot of questions, and it doesn’t matter that you ask the same question more than once. It is better to ask a lot in the beginning than not knowing something basic further down the line.

2. Building a relationship with your boss takes time

Building a good rapport with your new boss will not happen instantly. You will still be used to your old boss’ way of doing things, but it’s important to remember that no two managers are the same, so you should meet your new manager with an open mind and take your time to get to know how they work.

You should also take time to understand your new manager’s communication style. It can be a good idea to email them before you start to ask if they would like you to do any prep work before you start, or if they would like to meet you for a coffee. Make sure that you know what your new boss is expecting from you in the first weeks and months.

3. Be prepared for a culture shock

It’s not just your new boss it will take you some time to get used to. With a new job comes a new working culture, which might be different from what you are used to. Your new company may have very different business objectives and values. It can be a good idea to look at their social media account before joining, as well as their Glassdoor profile as this can be a good indication for what the company will be like.

Remember to start with a positive attitude and try to integrate yourself into the new environment. Talk to people, remember their names and ask questions. Be patient, and remember that truly fitting in at a new organisationtakes time.

4. Always be authentic

 It can be tempting to change your personality in order to fit in to any new job. You should stay professional, but try to not change your personality too much – after all you were hired because your new company thought you’d fit into the culture. Being yourself also means you will be able to build genuine relationships with your new colleagues.

It takes all sorts of personalities to make up a company culture, and no doubt you are a great fit in your own unique way. Stay true to yourself and you will feel like part of the team over time.

5. It’s okay to miss your old job

It is normal to miss your old job the first few weeks, even if you didn’t like it that much in the end. You might feel like you want to go back to the old and familiar. However, you must remind yourself that you left your previous job for a reason, and try not to compare the two. This is a fresh start, and over time, your previous role will feel like a distant memory.

Adjusting to a new job can take anything from three to six month, so don’t feel discouraged if you don’t feel settled in right away. The key is to prepare yourself for these less expected adjustments, facing them with a positive and patient attitude. Starting a new job is the next step in your career, and unless you take leap of faith or won’t succeed.

If you are looking for support with your employment needs please contact your local office.

About this author

Thea is responsible for the UK & I marketing team as well as driving the strategic direction of the marketing function, looking closely at opportunities for growth, positioning in the marketplace and sales support. She was appointed to the Hays UK & I Board in July 2017, following joining the UK business in the summer of 2016.

Prior to her current role she was the Vice President of Marketing for the Hays Americas business, joining the business in 2012. Under her management she built the marketing function from general support to a strategic driver of sales, establishing a central marketing unit supporting Canada, US and four Latin American countries.


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