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Everyone wants to work in tech: could you?

By James Hallahan, Director of Hays IT, Hays Digital Technology and James Harvard


‘I work in tech’.

Admit it, those four words are synonymous to most of us with an interesting career and – crucially – a lucrative one.

Tech is, after all, where the money is. The ‘Big 5’ tech companies (Apple, Alphabet/Google, Amazon, Facebook and Microsoft) are worth more than $3 trillion combined. That’s more than most countries.

It’s also where the exciting new developments are happening. Start-ups across the UK and Ireland are building products and tools that look set to disrupt and improve our lives and the way we work across finance, medicine, education and beyond.

Everyone is looking for tech talent

The demand for software developers, data scientists, cyber security professionals and thousands of other tech skills has never been higher. In fact, many of the jobs that tech companies will hire for tomorrow don’t exist yet.

I believe this is why Hays is the recruitment partner of choice for tech organisations and the talented professionals powering them – not only is Hays Technology the market leader in the UK and Ireland, but technology is Hays group’s largest specialism. First, we are a tech company ourselves in that we use advanced technology and data science techniques to help us we find the best candidates for any given role.

Second, motivated by working at the heart of this exciting area, our consultants live and breathe tech. We constantly connect with tech communities, attend industry events and host meetups, allowing us to find and engage new talent and anticipate the skills which will be needed in the near-future.

Here’s what it’s like to work at Hays Technology:

“I work in Bristol, which was recently named Hays’ ‘Office of the Year’. This a leading digital city, where we work with some of the best-known organisations in the area plus some exciting start-ups and scale-ups. I feel by connecting a tech professional with the right skills to an employer’s specific needs, we are really helping to change the way people live and work.

In my opinion, if you are passionate about tech, a job in tech recruitment might be right for you. Do your research on the industry and be enthusiastic – there are so many opportunities to be successful in this career.”

David Willcock, Senior Business Manager at Hays Information Technology, Bristol

 “It’s incredibly rewarding. Tech is changing the way we live, and every day I talk to people – employers and professionals – who are making an impact on the world. I know that I am making an impact too, by matching the right person with their perfect role.

Of course, working at Hays brings many benefits. There are great learning and development opportunities, so I always know how to improve and feel supported. Working for a global brand also means I’m surrounded by like-minded, ambitious people who also want to be the best, at the best organisation.”

Juliann Deegan, Business Director at Hays Digital Technology, Belfast

 “I wanted to work in an exciting area, and tech is booming – it really is the driving force behind business and the world we live in today. Because everything is changing so rapidly, with new technology – and new jobs – being created so rapidly, it means that my job is never boring, and every day is different and diverse.

At Hays, everyone here is genuinely passionate about what they do. This passion drives you to understand your industry, know what employers want and care about the tech professionals you help. It helps you succeed and it’s helped me become a Hays ‘Top Performer’, which in turn has afforded me quick promotions and lots of financial freedom.”

Amanda Whicher, Senior Business Director at Hays Information Technology, London

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About this author

James Hallahan, Director of Hays IT, Hays Digital Technology and James Harvard, our professional services business, has over 20 years’ experience in technology and digital recruitment, and solutions that deliver outcomes for customer success. James is responsible for delivering strategic growth across both the private and public sectors, through scaling existing products and services and innovating with new solutions to both existing and new markets within which we operate.


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