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Get out of the salary rut

By Hays Experts


Feeling like you are stuck in a salary rut can be disheartening. Sometimes it may feel like you will never get a decent pay rise again. But of course that isn’t true, you just need to take some positive action to make it happen.

The first step is to find out if you’re being currently undersold. Use our Salary Checker tool to compare your salary to the average for your job title and region. This will arm you with the knowledge you need to find a better salary.

Whether you choose to look for another job, go for promotion with your existing employer or simply prove your worth in your current role, there are plenty of options to help you earn a better salary.

Build on your skills

An incredible 92% of employers say they have experienced some form of skills shortage over the last year. With skills shortages on the rise in a whole range of industries, can your employer afford to lose you? For most employers, it would make better financial sense to pay more to a valuable employee than to spend money on recruiting someone new.

So if you are unsure what skills the team is lacking, talk to your manager about what you can do to improve your skills to help the team succeed. Make yourself indispensable by getting to grips with changing technology or build on your skills in project management or leadership. 

Increasing your skillset and bringing more value to your role will give you a better case to negotiate your salary with your existing employer and will also be transferable if you decide to go for a promotion or look for a new job elsewhere.

Go for a promotion

Getting a promotion is one of the best ways to increase your salary and makes good sense if you are happy at your existing workplace. But are you ready to step-up to the next level?

Think about the skills and experience you already have from your existing job and identify the areas you need to work on.

If you are already providing value to your employer, it is likely they will support you in going for a promotion. Talk to your manager about putting together a promotion plan and work on filling in any gaps in your skills, experience and knowledge.

Look for a new job

If you can’t negotiate the pay you want with your existing employer, or you are simply ready for a change, a new job might give you the best chance of a better salary.

In this time of acute skills shortages, your skills and experiences could be in real demand and you could find yourself in the enviable position of naming your salary. In fact before you start a new job, you should always try to negotiate your starting salary. Most salaries will be in a range, so state your case for a salary higher up the range, making reference to the skills, experience and achievements you gained in your previous role, all of which will bring value to your new role.

Want to find a new role with a better salary and greater opportunity search and apply for permanent and temporary jobs today.

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