Hays Preferred Supplier List

General Background

An Umbrella Company is a company that acts as a payroll provider to our temporary workers. Hays pay the umbrella company the gross amount for the hours worked. It is then the Umbrella Company's responsibility to pay the worker, subject to tax and NI contributions in accordance with HMRC legislation where applicable.

Preferred Supplier list

Since 2007, Hays has consistently tried to ensure we only engage Umbrella Companies that fully meet legal and financial obligations, pay it's temporary workers promptly and have appropriate insurances in place.

Therefore, through a comprehensive consultation process, we have identified 17 Umbrella Companies that workers can choose from should they wish to be paid by an Umbrella Company. Hays has also set up an electronic payment method with these 17 companies, which means that in the unlikely event payment to the Umbrella Company is delayed for reasons outside our control, same day payment can be made.

Umbrella Paye

Please investigate the following umbrella companies using their key information document’s below and by contacting them directly. Please then select the company that will best suit your requirements and inform your Hays consultant.

Umbrella CIS
For certain roles within the construction sector Hays are able to operate an Umbrella CIS process in conjunction with 5 of our preferred umbrella companies. There are certain criteria imposed by Hays in line with CIS legislation to qualify for payment under this method. Please discuss this with your Hays consultant before making your selection from the Umbrella CIS provider list.

Umbrella Paye Providers

Umbrella Company Website Phone Number Key Information
APPpayeLtd  020 7048 0166 Apppayekid.doc
Azebra Umbrella Ltd 01923 627900 Azebrakid.doc
Clipper Contracting Group Ltd 01305 233 170 Clipperkid.doc
Crest Plus Ltd 01244 684 700 Crestkid.doc
Danbro Ltd 0800 731 3178 Danbrokid.doc
Exceed outsourcing ltd 0800 612 8787 Exceedkid.doc
Exchequer Solutions Ltd 0844 846 5007 Exchequerkid.doc
Focused Consulting Ltd 0161 923 0210 Focusedkid.doc
Giant Professional Ltd 0330 024 0946 Giantkid.doc
Green Lantern Trades Ltd 0203 696 4120 Greenkid.doc
JSA Services Ltd 0800 25 26 40 JSAkid.doc
KPPES Ltd (My Key Pay group) 0800 019 4511 KPPESkid.doc
N W M Solutions Ltd 0330 333 4240 NWMkid.doc
Orange Genie Cover Ltd 0845 603 8088 Orangekid.doc
Parasol Ltd 0800 078 3379 Parasolkid.doc
Paystream My Max Ltd 0800 197 6516 Paystreamkid.doc
Sterling Solutions Umbrella Ltd 01925 626 200 Sterlingkid.doc


Umbrella CIS Providers

CIS Provider Website Phone number Key information
Clipper Contracting Group Ltd 01305 233 170 Clipperciskid.doc
Crest Plus Ltd 01244 684 700 Crestciskid.doc
Green Lantern Trades Ltd 0203 696 4120 Greenciskid.doc
Paystream My Max Ltd 0800 197 6516 Paystreamciskid.doc
Sterling Solutions Umbrella Ltd 01925 626 200 Sterlingciskid.doc