Limited companies, VAT and CIS

If you are offering your services via a Limited Company:

You must have in your possession a countersigned Terms of Assignment of Consultants via a Limited Company Contractor and Self Billing Agreement (PSCToA), and at the beginning of your first assignment with Hays, the Accounts Department must receive:

  • A copy of the VAT registration certificate (if applicable)
  • A signed BACS form – the bank account must be in the name of the Limited Company

Please note:

  • Hays can only pay through Limited Companies that are registered in the UK and have UK bank accounts
  • Hays cannot pay overseas Limited Companies, nor can they send money to a UK company through an overseas bank account. This is not a legal requirement, but is a strict company policy
  • From 20 June 2009, Hays will be operating self-bill as standard for ALL Limited Companies. Read our self-bill FAQs.

Notes: UK = England, Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales. For VAT purposes only, the Isle of Man is considered to be a part of the UK

CIS Holders

If you or your company need to be paid through CIS you must provide us with a UTR / CTR number at the beginning of your first assignment. Hays will then verify this number with HMRC.