Manufacturing engineering jobs in the UK

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Manufacturing engineering jobs in the UK

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Our recruitment experience in manufacturing engineering jobs

Whether you’re just starting out in an entry level manufacturing engineering role or looking to progress your career at an executive-level, we’ve got the right job for you.

Our industry expertise and expansive employer network enables us to bring you roles of a high calibre that will both challenge and satisfy you. 

The manufacturing industry is having to adapt rapidly to changing customer demands, technological advances and disrupted supply chains. To keep up with the pace, organisations desperately need skilled professionals - like you - to keep their operations running smoothly. 

As a leadership partner to over 700 manufacturing employers across the country, and with over 50 years of recruiting experience, we’re ready to connect you to a range of roles that you won’t find anywhere else. Our unique insights, exclusive relationships and on-the-ground experience make it easy for you to navigate an increasingly complex and evolving jobs market. In short, we can become your lifelong partner in manufacturing. 

Our specialist manufacturing consultants at Hays have experience placing passionate people in organisations both in the private and public sector, and on projects across aerospace, automotive, aviation, FMCG, food and beverages, pharmaceutical, chemical engineering, new technologies, medical devices and general manufacturing.  

We hire a range of roles across multiple disciplines, such as design engineers, production shift managers, operations engineers, quality engineers, process engineers, AI engineers, automation engineers, robotics engineers, design engineers and maintenance engineers. Our experience placing manufacturing professionals in the right roles is unparalleled. 

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Manufacturing employers we recruit for 

We work with a range of organisations across the country seeking manufacturing talent. From smaller companies to international firms, our network covers a wide range of locations, giving you unlimited access to incredible roles within manufacturing, as well as a range of unique regional insights that will help you find your ideal opportunity. 

Hays is the leadership partner to over 700 manufacturing employers across the country


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There is an increased demand for engineering professionals. A commitment to a number of ambitious projects and net zero emissions is not only boosting investment in industries and infrastructure, but creating demand for engineering professionals.

We hire for a range of senior positions across engineering, including plant managers, operational directors, quality managers and R&D managers.

The manufacturing industry continues to be beset by supply chain challenges, so we can expect an increased use of digital supply networks and data analytics as a response to the disruption. The increasing importance of Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) is also leading manufacturers to up their focus on delivering against net zero or carbon neutral goals, and voluntarily complying within a complex network of reporting regulations and disclosure frameworks.

Engineering encompasses a broad range of disciplines and demand is growing across all areas. In particular, automation and robotics experience are becoming increasingly sought after and demand is likely to be here for a considerable time to come.

There is a severe ongoing skills gap in manufacturing, which is likely to limit productivity and growth. As a result, demand for experienced manufacturing professionals is high.