Employer FAQs

Hays Connect is an online system for workers and employers through which timesheets can be submitted and authorised. In time we will look to add additional features and services that you can access via your Hays Connect portal.

Getting Started

When will I receive my Hays login?

Shortly after you are confirmed as a timesheet approver for one of your temporary workers we will send you an email containing your user ID, a temporary PIN and a link to the Hays Connect self-registration section. Use this link to activate your Hays Connect account as soon as you can after receiving this email.  To activate your account you will be asked to enter and confirm your password. Your password can be anything you like, as long as it is a minimum of seven characters long and contains at least one number.

You will also be asked to choose a question and response. You will be asked this question and must provide the same answer if you ever forget your password in the future.

The link you emailed does not work. What should I do?

Please contact your Hays consultant for assistance.

What do I do if I forget my password?

At the bottom of the login page there is a ‘Forgot Password?’ link. Click on this and you will be prompted with the question that you set up when you first activated your Hays Connect account. On successfully answering the challenge question you will be sent an email with a new temporary password. Once you have logged into Hays Connect you should reset your password via the ‘My System Profile’ link on the left-hand navigation menu.

What if I lock my account or forget my security answer?

Please contact your consultant for assistance.

Approving timesheets

How do I approve a timesheet?

Choose the ‘Approve Time’ link from the left-hand navigation menu. You will then be shown a list of all timesheets that are awaiting your approval, with the total hours and mileage expenses (if applicable) for each timesheet. You can see the full details for any timesheet by using the ‘View Timecard’ function.

Put a tick in the ‘Select’ box for the timesheets you wish to approve and then click ‘Approve Selected’. Once you have approved a timesheet Hays will pay your worker and generate an invoice. Therefore you should check your timesheets carefully to ensure you are happy with what you are approving.

 What should I do if I disagree with the hours that my worker has claimed?

You have the option to reject any of the timesheets that are sent to you for approval. To do this use the ‘View Timecard’ button to go into the detail of the timecard that you have issues with. You then have the option to either ‘Reject’ the timecard or ‘Reject for Resubmission’. In essence, both of these will return the timecard to your worker, but using ‘Reject for Resubmission’ enables you to add a reason for the rejection, along with comments explaining the changes you want the worker to make before you will approve their timecard.

When should I approve timesheets?

You should approve any timesheet submitted to you as soon as possible after you receive it, and certainly by midday Tuesday, in order to avoid any unnecessary delays in payment to your workers.

I approved a timesheet but now I’ve spotted an error in the hours / days claimed. How do I fix this?

It is important that you check all timesheets carefully as Hays will take your approval as authorisation to make a payment to your worker. However, if you spot an error on a timesheet that you have already authorised then you should immediately contact your Hays consultant.

I am going on holiday and need a colleague to authorise timesheets in my absence. How do I do this?

Choose the ‘Maintain Alternate Approvers’ option from the left-hand navigation menu. From here you can add any colleagues that you wish to grant permission to approve timesheets that are sent to you for authorisation. This permission can be indefinite or for a specific timeframe only. Please remember that anyone who you set up as an alternate approver will receive messages from Hays Connect by email, so you it is vital that you enter an accurate email address.

How do I add a PO number or cost code to a timesheet?

If your organisation requires PO numbers or cost code information in order to pay an invoice, you can add this detail onto your workers’ timesheets. To do this use the ‘View Timecard’ button to go into the details of the timecard that you want to amend. You will then see a tab labelled ‘Billing Elements’ and by clicking this you will open up the fields that will allow you to enter up to six different cost codes as well as a PO number. Once you have added this information and checked that you are happy with the time being claimed then click ‘Approve’ to authorise the timesheet.


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