Interested in moving to Australia, New Zealand or Asia?


Whether you are returning to Australia / New Zealand or Asia or have obtained a work visa, we can provide you with fast, easy access to multiple job opportunities.

Our London based team should be your first point of contact, where they will be able to provide useful information to you before your departure from the UK and offer helpful advice in the following areas:


  • Give an indication of market conditions, rates and salary guidelines

  • Arrange interviews in Australia / New Zealand or Asia prior to your UK departure, dependent on the demand in your field

  • Update your resume with references and any international experience

Contacts - Australia & New Zealand

Below are our UK contacts who can assist you with moving to your industry within Australia and New Zealand.

Senior Finance & Accountancy

Rachel Barnetson
T: UK +44 (0) 203 465 0158


Construction Management, Architecture, Planning & Trades

Diane Boyce
T: UK +44 (0) 203 465 0158

Marketing, Digital & IT

Verena Colling
T: UK +44 (0) 203 465 0158


Engineering - Rail, Civil, Structural & Energy
Human Resources

Morgan Bennett
T: UK +44 (0) 203 465 0158


Join our LinkedIn career forums

Get involved with our 'Moving to' forums to discover about other individual's experiences of moving to Australia, New Zealand and Asia and career opportunities in those regions.


Are you getting paid what you're worth?

Our salary guides are designed to help you make informed decisions by offering a thorough market overview as well as the salaries companies have paid for over 1,000 positions across Australia, New Zealand and Asia over the last 12 months.

Australia's Salary Guide

New Zealand's Salary Guide

Asia's Salary Guide


Quarterly market reports

If you'd like to know which skills are in demand, or what recruiting, salary or candidate trends are impacting your sector, we have the answers. Our Hays Quarterly Report is a guide to current hotspots of recruitment activity and trends. It is updated each quarter to reflect changing market conditions.

Hays Australia's Quarterly Report

Hays New Zealand's Quarterly Report

Hays Asia's Quarterly Report