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Financial Markets Salary Guide 2018

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Digital transformation and ongoing regulatory changes are transforming skillsets in financial markets.

Ensure your pay is competitive enough to attract and retain the professionals you need to succeed by requesting your copy of the Hays Financial Markets Salary Guide 2018. 

As part of our commitment to sharing meaningful insight into the employment market, this report highlights:

  • Salary offerings for over 900 job roles in financial markets to ensure your remuneration package is competitive.
  • Market insight into 21 different areas of financial services.
  • Recruiting trends from our survey of nearly 900 professionals working across financial services to help you to effectively compete for in-demand skills.
  • Ongoing technological and regulatory changes as well as how to overcome skills shortages.

Key findings from our survey:

  • 72% of employers increased salaries in the last year.
  • Over half (56%) of employees are dissatisfied with their salary.
  • Just over half (51%) of employers say skills shortages are impacting on the productivity of their workforce.
  • 43% of professionals feel they have no scope for career progression at their current organisation.
  • 56% of professionals expect to move role in the next year.

Download your copy of the full report to help you attract and retain the best professionals in financial services.

Financial Markets Salary Guide 2018

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Download the Financial Markets Salary Guide 2018 by clicking the button below and following the steps.

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