Navigate the complex world of assessment and development with our best-in-class solutions. Learn more about how we can help you make better decisions about your workforce strategy.

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Assessment And Development Solution


Navigate the complex world of assessment and development with our best-in-class solutions. Learn more about how we can help you make better decisions about your workforce strategy.

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What you need to know about assessment and development

Circumstances change. Priorities shift.

An ever-evolving world of work is putting talent acquisition specialists under increasing pressure to attract, select and engage the people who will power their success.

With an Assessment and Development solution in place, we’ll support you in your search for top talent, identifying high potential candidates and those who will bring diversity of thought throughout your organisation.

As your partner in the world of work, we offer the expertise and insights to enhance your search today, and ensure you’ve got the skills in place to tackle tomorrow’s challenges.

  • Dedicated experts

    Our team of organisational psychologists are here to help you navigate the complex world of assessment and development. From assessing for potential to psychometric testing for executive roles, we’ll find the people who will power your organisation.

  • A clear commitment

    We’re driven by our commitment to do the right thing. We prioritise robustness, flexibility and pragmatism when building your solution, with a firm focus on improving DE&I outcomes.

  • Committed to continuous improvement

    We’ve built a best-in-class offering, but we know the world of work is constantly evolving. Committed to continuously reviewing and refining every inch of your solution, we’ll offer our insights across vendor selection, guide the design of your selection process and ensure rigorous campaign analysis to inform your future ambitions.

A solution unique to your organisation
We take the time to fully understand your unique organisational context, challenges and goals, crafting a tailored solution to meet your needs. From bespoke situational judgement tests to tailored hiring manager training, we’ll build a better solution together.

Efficient and effective
Leverage a range of technology to remove or automate time-consuming and repetitive tasks during the Assessment process. With capacity created, your teams can devote quality time to meeting candidates. Empowering your people, to empower others.

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  • Make better hiring decisions

    Combining proven processes, global insights and a range of innovative technologies, we’ll help you make intelligent decisions across all career levels, from high-volume screening to Early Careers programmatic hiring and in-depth executive assessment.
  • Enhance your Employer Brand Proposition

    With a robust Assessment process in place, you’re giving every candidate a realistic preview of the role – and an equal opportunity to showcase their capabilities. Together, we’ll build a credible and engaging experience that ensures candidates feel seen.


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When done well, assessment adds huge value to your organisation. Refining the candidate experience and increasing hiring success can reduce attrition rates, and reduce the time and resource invested into recruiting efforts.

We’re pragmatic about the right solution for your organisation and the unique journey you are on.

Not at all – in fact, it often has the opposite effect. Candidates are looking for ‘face validity’, the feeling that they’ve been considered fairly for the role and had the opportunity to showcase their talents.

A carefully considered Assessment process also offers a vital preview of the role. Gaining insight and ensuring opportunities for self-reflection means that you’ll only move forward with the candidates who are fully committed to your organisation.

No, but the solution will likely look different depending on the population you’re assessing. Graduates and senior executives, for example, will need strategies tailored to their career stage.

Change can be difficult. But we can offer the insights you need at every stage in your journey.

Our involvement can be tailored to your specific ambitions and challenges, from offering advice and upskilling teams to designing and executing a solution.

Assessment and development tailored to your business

We don’t believe in one-size-fits all.

Finding the perfect candidate involves a vast array of variables, and it’s vital that every possible outcome is considered, monitored and managed. With little room for error, we design and execute solutions as unique as our clients.

We are independent and untied to methodologies or providers. Our partnership is based on a shared desire for success.


Build a more agile and effective workforce 

Flex to meet every challenge.


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