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How to keep your best people from leaving

As a leader, ask yourself this question: if lifelong learning and success are linked, is continuous learning really a personal priority to you, as the leader of your business, and, importantly, are you the role model your workforce looks up to in this regard? By Alistair Cox, Chief Executive of Hays

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How to prepare for success after an interview

blog_afteryourinterview_smallTime drags after an interview, whether it’s been two hours or two days. You are sat holding your phone, willing it to ring with some positive news. Sadly, this feeling of uncertainty can prompt candidates to jump the gun, and these moves often miss their mark. To help clear up the confusion, here is a definitive guide for the actions you should and shouldn’t take following your interview. By Barney Ely, Director of Hays Human Resources

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How to market yourself in your job search

blog_marketyourself_smallHow successful you are in your job search is largely dependent on how good you are at marketing yourself. Fortunately, in this era of increased connectivity, you now have more options for self-promotion available to you than ever – although this does give you more pitfalls to fall into! By Karen Young, Director of Hays Accountancy & Finance

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When times get tough, how do you keep your team motivated?

blog_keepyourteammotivated_smallWhen your organisation is going through tough times, your employees will be feeling the pressure. Whether due to fluctuations in the industry or the impact of a wider economic and political sphere, uncertainty can affect the motivation and productivity of your employees. So how do you do you keep them loyal, productive and motivated? By Karen Young, Director of Hays Accountancy & Finance

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Supporting UK exports with a digital role

blog_ukexports_smallInternational trade is a fundamental driver of economic growth generating wealth, creating jobs and increasing consumer choice and value for money. As the UK has initiated proceedings towards an EU exit, UK exporters are now preparing for the inevitable changes. By Andrew Timlin, Director of Hays Business

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Procurement is on the rise, how do your salaries compare?

blog_cips_small.pngOrganisations have never been so aware of the cost saving benefits of an effective procurement function. Procurement professionals are increasingly being given a strategic seat at the decision-making table, making now an exciting time to be working in the profession. By Scott Dance, Director of Hays Procurement & Supply Chain

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What digital transformation skills are your team missing?

blog_digitaltransformation_smallThese days there is one word on every business leader’s lips: change. As uncertainty reigns supreme in the political and economic spheres, the need for greater clarity is vital in order to set both short and long term business strategies.By James Milligan, Director of Hays Information Technology

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Do you need to rise through the ranks to be successful?

blog_NHrisetosuccess_smallThe idea of rising through the ranks is firmly established in the police service but this is intended to help the force to attract more professionals and boost the talent and experience of chief constables. In many respects, it is encouraging to see such a broad-minded and flexible approach to sourcing talent. By Nigel Heap, Managing Director of Hays UK & Ireland 

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Discover how to excel in a male dominated industry with Heidi Wood

blog_maledominatedindustry_smallThe construction industry has long recognised that it is not as accessible as it should be to women wanting to join its ranks. While progress has been made in attracting increasing numbers of women into construction careers, there is still a long way to go. By Richard Gelder, Director of Hays Construction & Property

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Do we need to balance the budget?

blog_arebudgetworththeeffot_smallIn changing times, previously unchallenged finance basics are under question. Credit professionals find themselves under increasing pressure to provide “value” to the overall business in which they operate. By Alan McFarlane, Operations Director of Hays Project Solutions

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Match your career ambition in Accountancy & Finance with Jamie Richards

blog_jamieMCFC_smallJamie Richards joined Manchester City Football Club in November 2014 as a Senior Management Accountant and continues to exert his influence in the sports industry. Here we talk to Jamie about how he coupled his passion for football with his career as part of our #MatchYourAmbition seriesBy Karen Young, Director of Hays Accountancy & Finance

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The five people skills key to your success

blog_credit-management_smallWhen it comes to career success, your people skills are just as important as your technical ability. With that in mind, here are five of the most important assets you need to build a productive and harmonious workplace. By Jenna Alexander, Head of Internal Recruitment

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Salaries rise again as demand for top credit professionals intensifies

blog_credit-management_smallWe’re a long way from truly realising the repercussions of 2016’s political events, but the credit management profession is showing prudence as it looks ahead. While businesses are looking to protect (and maximise) their cash position, the presence of a competent and talented credit function has never been more important. By Karen Young, Director of Hays Accountancy & Finance

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How to submit an error-free CV

blog_errorfreeCV_smallAs we all know, applying for a new job and building a CV can be very time consuming. It requires dedication and concentration so that you leave no room for error. Here are the most common errors when writing a CV and how you can overcome them. By Kabir Gulabkhan, Manager of Hays Credit Management

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How to prioritise personality in your hiring process

blog_priortisepersonality_smallOne of the challenges we face as recruiters is building a well-functioning team that all complement each other, not only through capability but also in terms of personality fit. By Barney Ely, Director of Hays Human Resources

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We're on the diversity journey. Are you?

blog_diversity_nigel_smallMany companies are actively working to showcase their gender diversity initiatives and what better time than on International Women’s Day. By Nigel Heap, Managing Director of Hays UK & Ireland

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Building diversity in financial services

Blog_building diversity_2_smallImproving diversity is not a quick process... especially at leadership levels where experience is a must in order to succeed in the role. So what can financial services organisations do to ensure they are moving in the right direction when it comes to improving diversity? By Carolyn Dickason, Director of Hays Financial Markets

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The secrets to getting even more from your female finance professionals

Blog_building diversity in financial services_smallIt is clear from these statistics that there is a gross disconnect between women in finance, and women achieving top positions in finance. Those junior female professionals who attended our webinar may find they have some hurdles to overcome before they reach the pinnacle of their professional goals. By Karen Young, Director of Hays Accountancy & Finance

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How procurement professionals are challenging gender inequality

Blog_procurement profession challenge gender inequality_small.pngThe procurement profession is suffering from a gender disparity, where salaries and opportunities seem to favour men over women. This is not a surprise, nor is it anything new, and procurement is certainly not the only function affected by this outdated and damaging social issue. By Nicky Taberner, Director for Hays Procurement & Supply Chain

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Could demand for technical skills impact gender diversity in marketing?

blog_could-demand-for-technical-skills-impact-gender-diversity-in-marketing_smallThe marketing profession has typically been an attractive career choice for both men and women, but do technological innovations and the focus on technical skills threaten marketing with gender imbalances seen in the IT profession? By Clare Kemsley, Managing Director of Hays Marketing, Retail and Sales, UK&I

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Help tackle the gender imbalance in IT

Blog_Help-tackle-gender-imbalance-in-the-IT-industry_smallOne need only look at the many female tech entrepreneurs making their mark on the landscape to see that progress is happening. However, it is no secret that IT continues to be a male-dominated space, arguably to a greater degree than many other industry sectors. By James Milligan, Director of Hays Information Technology

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What can the construction industry do to build a culture for gender equality?

blog_women in construction_2_small.pngWhile huge steps have been made towards encouraging women into construction, there’s still a long way to go to address the lack of talented women in the industry. By Richard Gelder, Director of Hays Construction & Property

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Does your boss care about your career progression?

blog_does your boss care about your career_small.pngRegardless of what job sector you’re in, continuous learning and progression throughout your career is essential. Without the motivation and thrive to succeed, your role will become repetitive and your skills can become outdated.

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How to match your ambition as a PA with Mimi Coffait

blog_hays meets mimi_small.pngAs part of our #MatchYourAmbition series, we spoke to Mimi Coffait who we placed as Assistant to Director of Academy at Manchester City. She tells us her story about her career and offers advice for aspiring PAs. By Karin Reynolds, Business Director of Hays Office Support, North West

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How to fast track your PA career

blog_how to fast track your PA career_smallAs part of our commitment to helping personal assistants progress their careers, we are working with Birkbeck, University of London to offer advice on professional development. So how should you plan for Continuous Professional Development (CPD)? By Peter Cawood, Director of Hays Office Support

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How to earn more as marketing professionals in 2017

Blog_Top tips for marketing professionals_small_2Marketing is a complex and fast moving industry, requiring early adoption of new technology to keep ahead of the game. If you want to perfect your craft, increase your earning potential and accelerate your career opportunities, you need to be versatile, adaptable and constantly aware of the most highly sought after marketing skills. But, do you know what skills employers are looking for? By Clare Kemsley, Managing Director of Hays Marketing, Retail and Sales, UK&I

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Top tips for procurement, supply chain and logistics professionals looking to earn more

blog_top tips for procurement_small.pngIn 2016, demand for procurement and supply chain professionals outstripped supply, leading to improved salary and benefits packages being offered across the UK. There’s no denying, it is a good time to be a procurement professional. By Nicky Taberner, Director for Hays Procurement & Supply Chain 

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Three tips to help new teachers create magic in their classrooms

blog_tips to help new teachers_small.pngBeing a teacher is as rewarding as it is challenging, and if you’re new to the career you could feel overwhelmed by the journey ahead of you. That’s why we help NQTs not only find their first positions , but prepare for the task of cultivating young minds in a new school. By Paul Matthias, Director of Hays Education

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What skills do IT professionals need in 2017?

Blog_IT skills in demand_smallRapid developments in IT continue and are increasingly causing companies to experience wider skills gaps that they are struggling to fill. Our recent salary guide shows that, at 21%, IT and digital skills were cited as one of the top three skills most needed by organisations to achieve their business objectives this year. By James Milligan, Director of Hays Information Technology

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Do you know what you're doing about Big Data 2.0?

Blog_data_trends_2.pngIt’s great to see Big Data becoming BAU for many companies now – it’s certainly on the agenda at Hays. The journey has admittedly been harder than any of us anticipated, no doubt about it. But watching these organisations take the steps needed to develop and upgrade their teams, their tools, and the sheer variety of information they collect. By James Milligan, Director of Hays Information Technology

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Top tips for HR professionals looking to secure a pay rise

blog_HR skills in demand_small.png2017 is well underway and we want to help HR professionals stay on top of their careers. If you haven’t already been thinking about the skills you need to remain relevant there’s no better time than now. By Barney Ely, Director of Hays Human Resources

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4 accountancy and finance roles poised for high demand

blog_KY skill in demand_small.pngWhilst salaries and benefits increased across finance and accountancy roles in 2016, it was also a politically turbulent year, which brought with it plenty of uncertainty. Looking ahead in the next 12 months, the demand for a wide range of financial skills looks set to stay high in 2017. By Karen Young, Director of Hays Accountancy & Finance

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Find your passion

Blog_video_findpassion_.pngDavid Birss, creativity consultant, speaker and broadcaster, spoke to us from the Silicon Beach event in Bournemouth about the things people can do to break into a creative digital technology career. By James Milligan, Director of Hays Information Technology

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An interview with Sadie Morgan


For the last 22 years, the best in construction have been celebrated at the annual Building Awards, one of the most important networking events in the built environment calendar. This year, Hays sponsored the most prestigious award of all: Personality of the Year. By Duncan Bullimore, Director of Hays Construction & Property

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Is IT contracting for you?

Blog_women_IT_contracting_2.pngNot having a consistent job can be quite daunting at first but it can also have a positive impact in your future career. You’ll have the opportunity to expand your knowledge in the IT world by working in different sectors of the industry. Here are some of many advantages of becoming an IT contractor. By James Milligan, Director of Hays Information Technology

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From Panama with(out) love

Blog_AI_2.pngEvery candidate, employee and stakeholder – whatever the size of their organisation – needs to have a thorough understanding of data protection legislation and compliance. By Philip Charsley, Director of Hays UK

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The rapid pace of progress

The annual Silicon Beach event in Bournemouth is a haven for digital creatives across the country, an opportunity for professionals and business leaders to network and discuss the latest advancements in digital technology. By James Milligan, Director of Hays Information Technology

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Businesses prioritise cloud computing, but face resourcing challenges

Blog_women_PS_2.pngThe versatility of cloud is proving to be a game changer. Both established and newly formed businesses are turning to cloud solutions for more adaptive, cost effective hosting and to guarantee faster delivery of new projects or products. By James Milligan, Director of Hays Information Technology

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The cafe generation: How tech culture is spreading to financial services

Blog_cafe_2.pngA massage between meetings, a table tennis break in the atrium before the three-day weekend. The war for talent is raging with tech companies competing to offer staff the most extravagant workplace perks. By Carolyn Dickason, Director at Hays Finance Technology

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Young leadership: 4 lessons from a winner

Blog_josh sharp_2.pngWorking your way to a managerial position at a young age is in itself a huge achievement. To do so requires hard-work and dedication, a number of notable professional accomplishments, and winning the respect and support of your colleagues. By Graham Smith, Senior Business Manager at Hays UK Procurement & Supply Chain

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Quit your job not your career

Quitting your job

Your resignation is unlikely to be the focus of a media storm but that doesn’t mean you don’t need to give it careful consideration. Now is unlikely to be the time for the truth. Remember that your job resignation is part of a formal process, don’t get caught up in the emotion and regret it later. By Nigel Heap, Managing Director, Hays UK & Ireland

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Why modular banking means flexible candidates

The digitalisation of the economy is changing consumer expectations of service providers, including those in the financial sector. Increased digitisation and innovation is leading to increasingly modular services, which in turn need creative leadership and a new kind of flexible candidate. By Philip Charsley, Director of Hays UK

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How to stop the mid-management exodus

mid-management turnover

Businesses need to develop retention strategies or risk losing management or potential managers. In this post, we provide advice on how to combat a management exodus. By Nigel Heap, Managing Director, Hays UK & Ireland

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3 recommendations for narrowing the gender divide

Diversity benefits

Time and time again it has been proven that more diverse organisations not only outperform those which are less diverse, but are also most likely to attract and retain the most talented professionals. By Yvonne Smyth, Head of Diversity, Hays

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Making a breakthrough


Around the world, apprenticeships are increasingly being seen as a solution to the problems of youth unemployment and skills shortages. By Barney Ely, Director, Hays Human Resources

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Could you be a recruiter?

Becoming a recruiter

Recruitment is an incredibly challenging yet rewarding industry. What you get out of it is wholly dependent upon how much you put in; work hard and you’ll be suitably rewarded, adopt a half-hearted approach and expect to enjoy limited success. So if you’re ambitious and passionate about people, read this blog post. By Jenna Alexander, Head of Internal Recruitment, Hays UK & Ireland

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