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Quit your job but not your career

Your resignation is unlikely to be the focus of a media storm but that doesn’t mean you don’t need to give it careful consideration. Now is unlikely to be the time for the truth. Remember that your job resignation is part of a formal process, don’t get caught up in the emotion and regret it later. By Nigel Heap, Managing Director, Hays UK & Ireland

Discover how to quit your job without affecting your career

How to stop the mid-management exodus

mid-management turnover

Businesses need to develop retention strategies or risk losing management or potential managers. In this post, we provide advice on how to combat a management exodus. By Nigel Heap, Managing Director, Hays UK & Ireland

Learn how to stop the mid-management exodus

How to market yourself in your job search

Market yourself

How successful you are in your job search is largely dependent on how good you are at marketing yourself. Fortunately, in this era of increased connectivity, you now have more options for self-promotion available to you than ever – although this does give you more pitfalls to fall into! By Karen Young, Director, Hays Senior Finance

Discover how to market yourself effectively

3 recommendations for narrowing the gender divide

Diversity benefits

Time and time again it has been proven that more diverse organisations not only outperform those which are less diverse, but are also most likely to attract and retain the most talented professionals. By Yvonne Smyth, Head of Diversity, Hays

View recommendations for narrowing the gender divide

Making a breakthrough


Around the world, apprenticeships are increasingly being seen as a solution to the problems of youth unemployment and skills shortages. By Barney Ely, Director, Hays Human Resources

See how apprentices are increasing globally

Could you be a recruiter?

Becoming a recruiter

Recruitment is an incredibly challenging yet rewarding industry. What you get out of it is wholly dependent upon how much you put in; work hard and you’ll be suitably rewarded, adopt a half-hearted approach and expect to enjoy limited success. So if you’re ambitious and passionate about people, read this blog post. By Jenna Alexander, Head of Internal Recruitment, Hays UK & Ireland

Find out more about the qualities of recruiters

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