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Identifying the right person for the job

You’ve invested time and effort in identifying the right person for the job, so secure their acceptance with a well-worded offer letter. A positive job offer, extended swiftly, can make the world of difference and the chances are higher that they will accept.

  • Avoid standard letters - Take time to write something original, or at least to amend your firm’s standard letter so that the candidate maintains enthusiasm. Be positive and personal, so the chances are higher that an acceptance will be forthcoming.
  • Act now - Once you’ve decided to make the offer, it’s best to write and dispatch the offer letter straight away.
  • Selling the offer - Emphasise the most appealing benefits in the package you’re offering.

The more you can do to keep your organisation’s name at the forefront of the candidate’s thoughts, the better and making such an invitation in your offer letter is a method of ‘closing’ that really makes an impact.

If you would like to discuss any of these aspects of recruitment with one of our experts, just find your nearest office or download our Talent Guide for more insight.

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