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About the survey

As a part of our ongoing commitment to understanding what is important to workers today, we are examining each stage of the applicant journey and really value your point of view. This is your opportunity to have your voice heard and to enter a prize draw to win a £500 Virgin Holidays voucher.

The ‘applicant journey’ can be described as the steps an applicant takes from their initial job search through to acceptance of a new role and joining a company.

We aim to understand the good, the bad and the ugly of the applicant experience across each stage of the journey and compare this to employers’ current offerings, processes and procedures.

We have defined each stage as:

  • Search – awareness, discovery and tools
  • Apply – requirements and processes
  • Decide - interviews, assessment and acceptance
  • Join – communication and induction

Tell us the good, the bad and the ugly


How positive or negative are your experiences of job search and application? How do you research and get an insight into a company, what makes you lose interest and what is your experience of receiving feedback after interview?

Help influence change in your industry and make it easier to apply to your next role. Add your voice to our survey today.


Could the steps applicants are forced to go through to secure a role with your organisation be putting them off? What do you include in your job ads, how quick is it to apply, how long is your interview process and how thorough are your inductions?

Help us to find discover the most influential stages of the applicant journey so you can understand where to prioritise your candidate attraction investment.

Win holiday vouchers

We appreciate your time and by helping us to shape this year’s What Workers Want research you could win a £500 Virgin Holidays voucher to put towards your dream holiday.

This survey is now closed. Our What Workers Want Report will be launched soon.

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