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Now that your professional accountancy exams are behind you, the chances are you’ll be looking to capitalise on your newly qualified status and think about the next steps in your career path.

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Our series of articles below will help you make sense of your professional options by arming you with the latest industry insights. 

Newly qualified and ready for success 

When deciding on your career path, there are a number of personal factors you should consider carefully, including your own marketability and strengths, and the long-term aims, ambitions and aspirations you harbour...

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SME vs corporate accountancy

Whether you are interested in working in an SME or a large corporate multinational, a career in commerce and industry will help you grow your experiences and achieve your long-term ambitions...

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Internal audit

If you have previously worked in external audit, you may be looking to move away from auditing. However, whilst they do share some characteristics, external and internal audit are very different roles...

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Public Practice

Cutting-edge advisory work is no longer solely the domain of the Big 4. Today, many mid-tier and independent firms are tasked with challenging assignments beyond traditional service offerings. If you want to stay within the profession, but outside the Big 4, you should consider moving to a different firm...

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The City and financial services

Competition remains fierce for work in investment, retail and boutique banks, asset management companies, insurers and life companies, private equity firms, venture capital houses and hedge funds...

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Financial Services, Front Office

Investment banking is undoubtedly viewed by many business graduates as the career destination of choice. As a result, it is considered – accurately – to be one of the most competitive and elite recruitment markets in the world.

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Public and not-for-profit

Those working in finance within the public and not-for-profit sectors continue to enjoy influential roles, shaping decisions that impact upon service delivery and social objective strategies, regardless of the economic climate or resources available.

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Treasury is increasingly emerging as a distinct career choice, with demand for specialist treasury professionals now higher than ever. A career in treasury is an opportunity to work at the heart of an organisation and provide valuable support to all key functions.

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Today, tax professionals are key stakeholders within the business world, and opportunities are present across all sectors, from complex compliance to market-leading advisory work.

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Your route to the top

As a qualified accountant, you can have a career at the forefront of a business, advising from a cost and revenue perspective whilst also having the commercial acumen to drive the business forward.

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International careers

The qualifications which are awarded by British accountancy bodies are both recognised and respected throughout the world, by employers of all sizes, in industry and professional services.

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