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Diversity, equity and inclusion: celebrating our differences

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With people being at the heart of everything we do, it goes without saying that we value the diversity of all those who work for us, and who we work with. We believe an energised culture built on trust, respect, equity, and inclusivity will enable us to live our values, achieve our ambitions and deliver on our purpose. By drawing on the differences of who we are, our experiences and what we think, we generate broader insights and a better business that best serves our people, our customers and our communities.

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Supporting meaningful change

Our diversity, equity and inclusion (DE&I) strategy is championed and endorsed by our leadership, ensuring we make actionable change and achieve our vision. We enable all our people with the resources and training to be true custodians of our DE&I journey. Our culture is equitable, safe, and positive and our people feel a true sense of belonging. No matter where you’re based, our workplaces reflect the communities in which we live and work in. We are DE&I leaders, drawing on the expertise of our FAIRER Consulting business and supporting our clients make meaningful change.

Supporting meaningful change

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Our DE&I journey

Our DE&I journey

We know that actions speak louder than words, so we’ve taken a considered approach to achieving our vision of creating inclusive and people-driven workplaces. Whether it’s training our leaders to build diverse and inclusive teams or providing our people a voice via our Hays networks, we’re always looking to move the dial on DE&I.

No matter your role or seniority, we believe creating a culture of inclusion is everyone’s responsibility. We actively encourage our people to get involved in celebrating and championing important days of recognition, participating in learning and development activities, or joining working groups that amplify their voice. By joining Hays, you’ll not only be able to bring your authentic self to the workplace every day, but help forge a world of work where inclusivity is the norm, and every individual feels valued and respected.

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Modelling DE&I excellence

As a UK market leader, we’re in a unique position to enable real change; both on a local and national scale. Through our FAIRER Consulting business, we’re actively modelling high standards of DE&I throughout the wider world of work, helping businesses across the UK and beyond become more inclusive spaces and doing our part to enact positive change.

And through our strategic partnerships, we’re linking up with organisations and communities around the nation to help to level the playing field. Together with UK-based charity, EveryYouth, we’ve established a first-of-its-kind pro bono consultancy service designed to tackle inequality in employment opportunities.

Modelling DE&I excellence

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