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All the courses in this category are focused on Leadership and Team Management. Click into each course to find out more and begin your training.

Working in Teams 

Working in a team is vital to your personal success as well as that of your organisation and colleagues. Get ahead in your career by learning how best to utilise and leverage a team to achieve more together than you could do alone. This course looks at the different types of teams, the team lifecycle, the importance of trust and motivation in teams, and how you can motivate a team to achieve its objectives.

15 minutes

Developing Leadership

The primary responsibility of a leader is to ensure their team achieves its task. This course will look at how to define the task and set objectives, evaluate outcomes, and motivate your team. We will also explore the different leadership styles, the characteristics of each, and the importance of setting a good example.

15 minutes

Thriving in Change

It is important to understand the potential effects that change can have on you, your team and your organisation as a whole. This course explores the five main forces of change which will help you to anticipate and manage reactions, the difference between cold and warm organisations and their response to change, as well as the seven characteristics that effective change agents share. 

15 minutes

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