How can teachers optimise work-life balance?


A work-life balance is all about balancing work and home life in accordance with your priorities.

For many teachers this can be a difficult task; however, Hays Education’s Stephanie Croxford, herself a former teacher, has compiled a list of top tips to help your teachers on their way to optimising their work-life balance.

Top Tips

1. Prioritise.

Your teaching staff need to decide what is most important to them and decide how to organise their time to fit these things in. This is not just about prioritising work; family, interests and social life are just as important. Encourage them to decide what they value more, spending a day with your friends and/or family, or preparing an all-singing, all-dancing lesson.

2. Time out.

Let staff know when they’ve got time off, they don’t need to work. This may be a Friday night and Saturday day, but whenever this may be, it’s their time to do anything but work. This will give them something to work towards each week and give you access to more rested, enthusiastic teachers.

3. Time limits.

It is very easy to get carried away with work, spending hours at the kitchen table planning, preparing, marking and assessing until you start nodding off in your chair. To prevent this happening to your teachers, encourage them to set strict time limits to any out-of-hours work and stick to them. By prioritising work and sticking to time limits, teachers will allow themselves more time to enjoy their free time.

4. Share.

Break the taboo of prioritising life over work sometimes by discussing your own efforts to balance the two. Be seen leaving on time, talk about your downtime and ask your staff about there’s. Let them know that it’s okay to prioritise their own time outside of work.

5. Use the 20:80 rule.

Help your teachers use the hours in the day wisely. Ask them to consider when their most productive 20% of the day is, and suggest that they produce 80% of their best work in this period. By figuring out when this time is, teachers will be able to maximise the time they spend working, enabling you to reap the rewards of a better organised, more comfortable and supported teaching staff.

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