Teaching opportunities with Springwell Learning Community


At Springwell Learning Community, we strive to provide the best possible care and education that we can. Unconditional Positive Regard underpins the work we do and our community believes in creating chances for all its pupils. As a values driven organisation we provide authentic care, with intimacy, warmth, and trust. We value relationships as the key to our success and it is important that our academies are welcoming safe places for children to learn and prosper. We pride ourselves on being creative, innovative and never settling for anything less than excellence.

Our staff have humility and passion for what they do: “Staff believe in the children and the children believe they believe in them”

Springwell Learning Community is part of the Wellspring Trust and our name is a name that we can all be proud of. As the trust has expanded we have helped to support schools across the region. The trust has grown its expertise for working with special needs children and those who have left mainstream. That work has taken me, and others from Springwell, to Leeds, Grimsby and Lincolnshire. I am very proud of Springwell and all it represents. People across the region have come to associate that name with authentic care, warmth, trust and unconditional positive- everything we have worked hard to achieve here. I’m proud to welcome Springwell Leeds and Springwell Learning Community Lincolnshire- groups of schools in the trust who have chosen to take the name Springwell and make it their own.

Should you be successfully appointed, you’ll be working alongside dedicated, talented and highly skilled people within some of the best facilities within the sector and you’ll receive comprehensive support to ensure you build your career and develop professionally both on a local level and on a wider basis as part of Wellspring Academy Trust.

I am delighted that you have taken an interest in joining Springwell Learning Community and I look forward to receiving your application and meeting with you to discuss how you could be a great addition to our team.

Dave Whitaker
Executive Principal