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HT.jpgJoining the college in January 2017 was the best decision I have ever made in my professional career. I have loved every day of being headteacher of Marsden Heights, simply because every day is a learning day and no day is ever the same. My background has been as an English teacher who found her niche in teaching and learning. I love visiting classrooms and working with staff on finding the lever that moves their teaching on – what better way to spend time in classrooms and with teachers.

Marsden Heights is a really special place to be with children who desperately need the very best in terms of teaching, learning and leadership. Our children have the second lowest average points score on entry in the whole of Lancashire and many of them experience great disadvantage which means they need us to be the best that we can be and for us to reach as high as we can. We aim to put our children at the heart of all our thinking – this means being ethical leaders who are willing to make the right decisions in the interests of our children rather than slavishly following policies which will not support our children’s progress.

Our building was finished exactly 11 years ago to house 1050 students and yet 11 years on it still looks brand new. It was part of the Building Schools for the Future programme and the facilities are superb with interactive whiteboards in every room, laptops and tablets, fabulous Science labs, an auditorium, and we even have a multi-purpose gym that staff and students use … all surrounded by the wonderful views of Pendle Hill and its environs.

People who visit often comment on how warm, and welcoming our staff and students are. We enjoy our teaching and we look forward to focusing on our own practice each week. Leaders consider carefully the impact of initiatives on workload to ensure that staff focus in on what works in the classroom.

Marsden Heights offers our staff the opportunity to develop as the college closes early on a Wednesday in order for us to work collectively in our Professional Practice sessions each week. During these sessions we work together to ensure collective efficacy within departments and across departments. With a professional partner to work with, we spend time observing each other and developing our shared practice.

Applying to Marsden Heights as headteacher was the best decision I have ever made. Our staff, our students and our parents are all an exciting journey and we want you to join us so that Marsden Heights becomes the best college in Lancashire. Like me, this could just be the best decision that you ever make.