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About The Government

The Falkland Islands are a UK Overseas Territory where executive authority remains vested in Her Majesty the Queen. This authority is exercised by HM’s Governor on her behalf.  The Governor is advised by an Executive Council, comprising of three elected Members of the Legislature, the Chief Executive, and the Financial Secretary. This forum is also attended by the Islands’ Attorney General and the Commander British Forces South Atlantic.

The business of government itself is delivered by a professional Public Service of around 550 employees, of which around 80 are officers on contract from outside of the Falkland Islands (i.e. they have been recruited from locations such as the UK, Australia, New Zealand, Canada etc).  Government departments in the Islands mirror the entire range of not only UK civil service departments, but also those services which are often provided by local government and other NGO’s elsewhere.

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The Islands Plan

The Islands Plan sets out Government’s top priorities for improvement and change, over the four year life of the present political administration.

Elected Members’ top priorities are currently:

Self Determination

Ensuring our Islands can determine their own future and remain under United Kingdom sovereignty as long as they so wish is our over-riding aim.

Balanced budget

We aim to retain the balanced operational budget we exceeded in 2011/12.

Transport and communications

We aim to sustain and improve our current international air and shipping links, allowing people and freight unimpeded and affordable movement to and from the Islands. We also aim to retain and sustain the current internal network of air, road and shipping links. We are also committed to improving the cost and quality of telecommunications including improvements to regulation.


We aim to provide high quality health and social services which address the needs of the population in order to preserve life, treat illness and promote lifelong well-being.

Employment and Immigration

We see ensuring fair and equal treatment in the work place and pay protection for low paid workers as a key priority and we will continue to seek improvements in the law here. We also wish to ensure that immigration policy is reviewed to provide an effective balance between ensuring a high-quality supply of labour, skills and investment to grow the economy and the cohesion of the community. We wish our immigration controls to be fair and efficient.

Public services, ensuring a safe community and protecting the environment

We wish to provide good quality, efficient public services across the board which deliver high levels of public satisfaction and provide value for money. We are conscious of our safe and secure community and the need to continue to work to make sure this is maintained through good policing and other emergency services. Finally, we recognise the importance of the unique natural environment of the Falkland Islands and that continued hard work is needed to protect and nurture this.

Economic Development

We see achieving sustainable economic growth as a key priority.  Working in partnership with business organisations, we have produced an Economic Development Strategy which sets out our plans to achieve this.

Localisation and Succession Planning

We aim to ensure that the maximum number of FIG posts (including top management and professional positions) are filled by Falkland Islanders.


We aim to provide high quality education and training opportunities to support the lifelong learning aspirations and ambitions of the whole community. The fundamental purpose of the Education department is to raise the knowledge and skills base of young people and adults of all abilities in order to support the development and capacity for a self-sustaining economy within available financial resources.

Monopoly Regulation

We recognise that in the Falkland Islands a number of essential services to the community and businesses are provided by a sole or limited number of providers. Effective regulation of these services over the longer term is vital as part of the measures needed to maintain and grow a sustainable community.


We recognise the need to provide for the future housing needs of Stanley, and will ensure this by providing fully serviced housing plots for first time homeowners as well as adequate Government Housing.