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'Working together with our talented young people, their supportive families and the inspirational staff team at Cranbury College has renewed my passion for transformative education and learning. I am proud to say that I work here.'

Simon (DHT)

We work in a lovely safe environment. The team is really supportive and the students, whilst they are challenging, each individual has their own character about them, however they are so rewarding to work with.

Post 16 HLTA

The best supportive team members ever, (off site and on site) Compassionate and caring environment. Feel valued as a member of staff.

Rewarding, fun and inclusive. A great staff team that look after each other!

Working at Cranbury College is challenging but very rewarding. Every day is different which I love as Students turn up because they feel welcomed and it's safe. You have to be fair and consistent in order to build up students trust. We work well as a team to improve students life chances and raise their future aspirations. Patience and a sense of humour are a must!

“Working at Cranbury is tough but incredibly rewarding. To be able to work with a young person and their family to overcome their barriers and make positive progress is a real privileged.

Every day is different and full of challenges but alongside you will be a determined and passionate team pulling together to help pupils become the best they can be regardless of their circumstances or starting point.

The reality is that there are days where you will want to tear your hair out because all your efforts appear to be in vain but then something small will happen and it will make the struggle more than worth it. I wouldn’t work anywhere else!

P.S we laugh a LOT!!!!

"At Cranbury College you can make a real difference to vulnerable young people's lives while having a lot of fun along the way!"