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Respite The Cranbury College Respite package is an intervention that is agreed between the College and a school. The aim of the respite package is to work with those students who are most at risk of exclusion from school.

The package includes:

  • SEN Baseline assessments
  • Behaviour Support
  • CBT model of intervention
  • Emotional Regulation awareness
  • Family Support
  • External agency links

Staff that work on the respite programme take a holistic approach to cover both the academic and emotional aspects of a child’s make-up, using various base line assessments and tools to support the identification of what could be their barriers to learning and progression.

This package is offered for a minimum of 3 weeks at a set cost.

The objective of this package is to allow the child some space from the mainstream education facility that is not currently working for a variety of reasons. In the environment of Cranbury College we have the capacity to observe within a smaller setting that includes many 1:1 sessions.

All information is gathered and shared with the school via a closing document that will offer an overview, outcomes and recommendations.


Through our Reintegration Officer we aim to reintegrate those ready for mainstream after successful period of time at Cranbury College.

Students are identified through the “Pupil Progress Team” Meetings. These students will have demonstrated good and sustainable progress at the College, either through their ILP or on one of the Cranbury College sites. The Reintegration Officer will work with individual students and the identified mainstream school.

A series of sessions will be planned and students will be prepared and then transitioned into their new school placement with a tight support plan around them. The reintegration office will offer the school and student a number of sessions within the mainstream setting to ensure as smooth and successful transition.

Cranbury College Outreach – The Offer

This is available to both maintained schools and academies.

  • Behaviour Support Training and Development
    High quality training for school based staff to improve behaviour for learning, classroom management and nurture provision. Training is bespoke and created in collaboration with school to ensure maximum impact.
  • NQT training and development
    This high quality training is for those new to the profession and looks at the basics of good classroom management strategies and ensuring that behaviour for learning is good. This training would also include some individual coaching sessions for the NQT’s.
  • Cognitive Behavioural Therapy Assessments
    Spence Children’s Anxiety Scale
    Becks Youth Inventory Scale
    Anxiety Disorder Interview Schedule for DSM-IV
    Family and Child Comprehensive Assessment
    Various Systemic Formulations
  • Cognitive Behavioural Therapy – Minimum 12 Sessions
    The College’s fully accredited CBT clinician and therapist offers a full clinical comprehensive assessment of young people, devises a therapeutic package of support and delivers appropriate interventions.

Cranbury Outreach, Core services include:

  • Observations
  • Case work and professional reports
  • Support and training for SENCO’s
  • PSP support for individual children
  • Attendance at professional meetings
  • Consultations
  • Bespoke packages of support
  • HLTA Support to work with classroom teams
  • Team Teach Training
    The aim of our Outreach Services is to build capacity in schools, by working alongside school staff.