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The findings of our Marketing Skills Report 2016 are based on survey findings from almost 300 respondents.

Marketers, primarily manager level and above, were asked about their organisation’s hiring preferences, existing skills gaps in their business by seniority and what core skills they think are most important to a selection of roles with a digital focus.

This report:

  • Identifies what skills are needed within your workforce today
  • Distinguishes which core and technical skills all good marketers should possess in today's digital world
  • What you can do to cultivate the right skills within your organisation and,
  • What you, as marketing leaders can be doing to enhance your own knowledge.

Here are some key findings:

  • 82% of our survey respondents would hire a candidate with the relevant core skills, but with no specific role experience
  • Hiring managers need to take these into account no matter what role they are recruiting for
  • Marketing leaders should view digital as integral to all roles and adjust hiring strategies to prioritise core skills, rather than recruiting juniors purely to fill digital skills gaps
  • Senior marketers should be aware of their own skills gaps and cultivate technical training from the top down.

To find out more join the conversation #CoreVsTech.

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