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Following several successful forums, we are delighted to have teamed up with Estelle Morris and John Dunfordin producing the Hays Education Governance Report to tackle ten challenges that leaders and governors face in their roles.

This report helps to examine:

  • New powers and responsibilities of school authorities in education
  • How leaders and governors balance day to day issues
  • Central regulation and accountability whilst also keeping sight of their key responsibilities to the school and students.

"Governors come from different backgrounds and they take on the role for different reasons. They are the largest volunteer body in the country and their diversity is a strength" - Estelle Morris & John Dunford

This governance report is not intended as a manual or instruction piece, but as a stimulus for thinking about the role of a governor, and of the performance and composition of the governing body.

Digesting these insights will allow you to excel in your career and make a real impact at your schools.

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