Equality Under Construction

The state of gender equality in construction and property

Our report on gender equality in construction and property highlights key areas employers need to consider to create a workplace with equal opportunities for both women and men.

Inform your decisions and promote equality

Learn how gender inequality still affects construction and property from our survey of over 930 professionals from across the UK.

Build a culture of inclusion

Equal treatment of men and women will make your workforce happier, and encourage talented professionals to move into the industry. Use our insights and recommendations to improve the culture at your organisation.

Find out how the first steps on the construction and property career path put men and women on different tracks

Young men and women had very different experiences when deciding on a career path, even when construction and property was their first choice.

Help both men and women stay happy at work

Employee happiness and retention are dependent on the freedom to progress their careers and live a life outside of work. Find out what’s important to your professionals.

Are men who take parental leave less committed to their careers?

Family planning is vital to employee happiness, but are you unknowingly putting expectations on your male employees, and undermining gender equality as a whole?

Watch our webinar

Learn how gender inequality still affects construction and property from our survey of over 930 professionals from across the UK.

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Equality Under Construction
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