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In the run-up to your professional accountancy exams, it’s most likely that merely completing them will be all that consumes your attention.

However, once these exams are behind you, it’s time to capitalise on your valuable ‘newly qualified’ status, and you should begin to plan the next steps in your career. 

To start, there are a number of personal factors you should consider carefully, including your own marketability and strengths, and the long-term aims, ambitions and aspirations you harbour.

Creating a career plan is always easier and more effective once you have defined your future goals.

The good news is that regardless of the pace and shape of the economy, one thing remains certain: the contribution that a talented finance professional makes to an organisation has never been so highly valued or universally acclaimed.

The CEOs, CFOs and heads of HR who recruit finance professionals through Hays always tell us that their priority is to identify finance professionals who can apply their technical expertise, business awareness and communication skills to a range of tasks and responsibilities.These include supporting strategic decision making, reinforcing growth and profitability, identifying new revenue streams, driving efficiencies, implementing major transformations, and assessing and mitigating risks.

In short, the options open to a newly qualified accountant are many, varied and exciting.

It is therefore no surprise that demand for newly qualified accountants continues to be high across all industries and sectors. This bodes especially well for those of you expecting strong exam results as these are sure to open up new and exciting career avenues for you to explore.

However, such an abundance of opportunities lends its own challenges: namely, deciding upon what career path to take, which opens the door to many questions.

  • How would the work you carry out in small and medium enterprises (SMEs) contrast with that of large companies and multinationals?
  • What are the benefits of considering an internal auditing role rather than a position within finance?
  • What is the likelihood of using your qualification to work abroad, and how will that make you more marketable to employers upon your return?

In order to arrive at the decisions that are best for your career it is vital to arm yourself with the latest industry insight. Discuss with an experienced mentor, turn to an expert recruiter, and read the latest news from the industry. It is only with up-to-date information that you will be able to answer these, and any other questions you may have, allowing you to take your first steps into an exciting professional future.


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