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Investment banking is undoubtedly viewed by many business graduates as the career destination of choice. As a result, it is considered – accurately – to be one of the most competitive and elite recruitment markets in the world.

Shaping the world of finance

Corporate finance is seen by many as an alluring job, in large part as a result of the impact you can have on the future of business. Mergers and acquisitions shape the commercial, industrial and financial aspects of our society, influencing everything from what the high street looks like, to what bank people use.

Furthermore, the financial rewards are excellent. Investment banking is one of the highest paying industries, with high starting salaries, which then rise rapidly through the Analyst, Associate and VP pay grades. Six figure incomes are normal within a matter of years.

The excellent pay and bonus potential makes front office the most sought after function. When you combine the income possibilities with the career prospects that arise from advising corporates, it is no surprise that so many ACA qualified professionals are eager to pursue a career in this area.

A foot in the door

It goes without saying that the academic requirements for such a sought after career are demanding. You will need to demonstrate strong exam results from throughout your academic life, including from GCSE, A-Level/IB. You will also need to hold a 2:1 degree or higher in a quantitative subject from a reputable university, and preferably have had an internship at a bank or financial institution.

It should also be a given that you are hardworking, motivated, ambitious, with a competitive nature and an interest in financial markets. You’ll need to have good attention to detail, not least as you will need to prepare presentations, financials and pitch books. As a newly qualified accountant you can anticipate your career to start as a senior analyst or associate.

Demanding, yet rewarding

If your long-term goal is to be a corporate financier or investment banker, then an entry level job in front office is where you should be. Front office is demanding, and requires high levels of drive and achievement. However, the rewards are many, from income to the thrill of operating in such an influential arena.

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