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Having surveyed over 100 senior treasurers across the UK, we look to unravel their DNA and uncover what exactly it takes to get there. The role of a Head of Treasury has grown and changed in recent years as the demands on treasurers have increased and responsibilities have grown.

Today’s treasurers are now expected to be at the forefront of a business’ financial decisions. But what characteristics and skills must treasurers have today? While the skills and qualifications of treasurers vary, our research has found that they share some common characteristics.

Here are some key findings from the report:

  • 67% of those surveyed became a Head of Treasury within 10 years
  • Encouragingly, 87% of treasurers said they would choose treasury again if they were starting their career today
  • 75% of respondents have an accounting or treasury qualification
  • Looking ahead to the future and the challenges facing the profession, treasurers believe that managing liquidity (40%), responding to increasing regulations (40%) and risk management (37%) are key.

What makes up the DNA of a treasurer?

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