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Our Wellbeing First staff training courses and Learning Management System are completely free for all education settings. Our way of giving back to a community of teachers and support staff who give their all everyday to help children and young people learn and grow.

These courses will help your staff take simple steps towards improving their mental health, decreasing stress and improving their resilience. This will help them feel supported and valued, thereby increasing the likelihood of staff retention.

  • Courses are 100% online
  • Comprise of video content, quizzes, worksheets and assessments
  • Certification awarded for completion
  • Courses can be assigned to your staff and completion tracked
  • LMS platform to create your own courses and import existing training all in one place

So whether at home or in school – train anywhere with our online wellbeing courses

Education focused – targeted, practical and CPD accredited

  • Targeted and tailored resources that are relevant and concise
  • CPD accredited so they’ll support teachers’ professional development
  • Course modules frequently updated to stay relevant and compliant 

Easy to use – everything is in one place

  • Courses are all available in one place on our easy-to-use portal
  • The information is simple to access. Log-in and then everything is at your fingertips
  • Courses are easy to complete, taking as little as 15 minutes

Ofsted ready – simple to track progress and record updates

  • Collate training records with ease and have this data ready for inspection
  • Our courses align to Teachers’ Standards 1 – 9
  • Aligned to Ofsted, Estyn and other framework requirements

More than just theory – practical advice to make impactful changes

  • Our packages don’t just deliver information, but provide practical tips and advice
  • Quizzes and tools make courses more interactive, engaging and memorable

Priced for you – clear pricing and simple payment

  • Complimentary access to our entire wellbeing package, for your whole school
  • Simple payment options, including invoice options and optional renewal processes
  • Transparent pricing, scaled for primary and secondary schools and discounted for small schools

Safe and secure

  • Extensive PEN testing ensures maximum security from cyber-attack and data breaches
  • Fully GDPR compliant, for the protection of your school and your staff
  • Secure payment, renewal processes and invoicing options

Built for schools

  • Ability to alert staff, schedule courses and issue reminders using the online system
  • Learning management system lets you create and publish your own training plans for staff
  • The INSET builder tool helps you plan training days for your staff
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