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It’s an understatement, but the pandemic changed our working practices as we knew them. Large swathes of society went from a largely office-based, five-day working week, to a more hybrid model with flexible rules that allow staff to work remotely some – or all – of the time. With this has come an increase in employee wellbeing, a better work-life balance and an upsurge productivity, and now,...

January is a time when people often reflect and set goals in their careers as well as their new personal goals. With a new year ahead, it’s an opportunity to reassess and boost your happiness at work. Blue Monday is supposed to be one of the most depressing days of the year. So, we’ve put together some tips to help you manage the January blues and give you that spark of motivation to take the...

To say the pandemic disrupted the world of work would be an understatement. Overnight, our professional lives changed and, it’ll come as no shock to hear, many of these changes are here to stay. But what does this mean for both employees and employers, and what effect is it having on talent attraction and retention? We surveyed over 23,000 employers and employees as part of the Hays Salary...

As the world of work continues to evolve, many professionals are reflecting on what they truly want from their careers, striving to find a sense of meaning and purpose in their everyday working lives. So today, we’re joined by Shannon Houde, Founder and Managing Director of Walk of Life Coaching, Certified Executive Coach and Author of the book Good Work, which explores how...

Due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic restrictions in the UK, the last time I went out (apart from to the supermarket) was to see a venue for a Book Festival taking place in September that I’m a key interviewer for. I was actually excited at the prospect, but by the time I had got ready, got in the car, realised en route that I needed petrol, and eventually arrived… I felt quite stressed...

Here we are, the first Mental Health awareness week since we left a year-long lockdown. While we’re not wholly out of the woods, it’s a good opportunity to pat ourselves on the back and focus on some self-care. Indeed, with a route back to normality within sight, many of us are preparing for a new hybrid way of working, and considering the challenges which may come along with that. In this...

In these socially-distant times, isolation and uncertainty can cause anxiety and stress, and have a detrimental impact upon our general wellbeing and mental health. Towards the end of 2020, we carried out a survey of over 16,200 UK professionals. Our findings showed that wellbeing fell after the first lockdown was announced in March last year, with the most commonly cited reasons for this...

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