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It is an exciting time to be working in the procurement profession. The importance of procurement continues to go from strength to strength, and an increasing number of organisations are making the move from a tactical to a strategic procurement function. It is therefore not surprising that ambitious employees are looking to their next career move. The CIPS/Hays Procurement Salary Guide...

It can be so rewarding staging a school play where you get the chance to boost school morale, build your students’ confidence and integrate with the community. But if you’re hosting a summer play at your school it can be daunting to try and choose roles for your students. You want to make sure everyone has an equal opportunity to participate but also ensure that they all enjoy the play and...

Time drags after an interview, whether it’s been two hours or two days. You are sat holding your phone, willing it to ring with some positive news. You're confident this job is a great opportunity, and hopeful that your eagerness and suitability came across on the day. Sadly, this feeling of uncertainty can prompt candidates to jump the gun, and these moves often miss their mark. Some...

When your organisation is going through tough times, your employees will be feeling the pressure. Whether due to fluctuations in the industry or the impact of a wider economic and political sphere, uncertainty can affect the motivation and productivity of your employees. So how do you keep them loyal, productive and motivated? Challenges in your business may cause hesitation around the very...

For the last 2 years Jamie Richards has been one of Manchester City’s key employees. He joined the club in November 2014 as a Senior Management Accountant and continues to exert his influence in the sports industry. Here we talk to Jamie about how he coupled his passion for football with his career as part of our #MatchYourAmbition series. What attracted you to the role at the club? ...

When it comes to career success, your people skills are just as important as your technical ability. With that in mind, here are five of the most important assets you need to build a productive and harmonious workplace: 1. Being genuine It’s easy to see through feigned praise (or gratitude) and either can be quickly interpreted as patronising. The most trusted colleagues in my circle are...

As part of our #MatchYourAmbition series, we spoke to Mimi Coffait who we placed as Assistant to Director of Academy at Manchester City. She tells us her story about her career and offers advice for aspiring PAs. How did your career path change into becoming a PA? From leaving university I realised I wanted a job that would engage me and that I’d have to work hard for. Working in...

Whilst salaries and benefits increased across finance and accountancy roles in 2016, it was also a politically turbulent year, which brought with it plenty of uncertainty. However, looking ahead at the next 12 months, there is good news for those accountancy and finance professionals considering moving jobs. Thanks to on-going business change, corporate deals, growth and a number of...

Time and time again it has been proven that more diverse organisations not only outperform those which are less diverse but are also most likely to attract and retain the most talented professionals. In addition to these benefits of diversity, there’s also the positive link between women in the workplace and a country’s economic growth. Despite this, globally women are not paid or rewarded...

Going back to school after the summer holidays can be a nerve-racking, exciting and hectic time for teachers. So, we’ve spoken to teachers up and down the country who have offered their own tips to make the back to school transition that little bit easier. Whether you are a newly qualified teacher, or just looking to reacquaint yourself with your back to school processes, there’s something...

Recruitment is an incredibly challenging yet rewarding industry. What you get out of it is wholly dependent upon how much you put in; work hard and you’ll be suitably rewarded, adopt a half-hearted approach and expect to enjoy limited success. With over 9,000 employees across 33 countries we think we’ve got a fairly good idea what it takes to be a success in the recruitment world, so if...

Whether you’re trying to progress as part of a large team or one of many applicants chasing a new role, trying to set yourself apart from others can often be difficult. Here are five tips to make sure your hard work and talent does not go unnoticed: 1.    Stand out from the crowd From my perspective, achieving this comes down to two things: First, you have to understand the...


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