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5 reasons to catch up with your recruiter 

By Hays Experts


Hear us out, it may seem a bit unorthodox to keep in contact with your recruitment consultant even after you’ve started in a new role, but there are advantages to building a rapport with them, even if you have no intention of imminently searching for a new job.

1.Career coaching

It’s your consultant’s job to make sure you’re in the right role, so hearing from you after you’ve settled into a new job will mean a lot to them. They’ll also be able to provide career coaching and offer advice and market intelligence to help you plan your next move up the career ladder.

2.Learn about new opportunities first

Opening an ongoing dialogue with your consultant also means you’ll be first in mind when a new opportunity crosses their desk. If you’re perfect for a role, they’ll make sure you know about it, even if you’re not actively looking. Who knows, you might find your next career move without even having to look.

3.Expand your network

Your consultant is a goldmine for connections, if you want to expand your network, or you’re looking for an introduction to specific connection, your consultant should be the first person you ask. They will also be able to invite you to Hays run networking events and seminars to help you meet other like-minded professionals and business contacts.

4.Support your own recruitment

If your responsibilities include finding people to join your team, your consultant can help you find and hire new staff. This is especially advantageous if you’ve built a rapport with your recruiter as you know first-hand what they can do, and how they nurture talent into the best positions. Even if you’re not actively recruiting, your consultant has access to research and market intelligence to help you see what’s happening in your market, so you can plan your hiring strategy accordingly.

5.Build your relationship

Your relationship with your consultant could last as long as your career, as they’ll always have your back and stay on the lookout for the best opportunities matching your skills. Working exclusively with one consultant can also help your chances when applying, as the better they know you, the better they can promote you for potential new opportunities.

However long you’ve been in your role, getting back in touch with your recruiter is one of the best career decisions you can make. You never know where it could lead.

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Beginning life in 1968 with just a handful of employees, Hays how has over 7,800 recruiting specialists worldwide, including 1,800 in the UK. Our consultants are experts in their field, helping professionals advance their careers, and organisations find the right talent.


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