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Hays Global Skills Index 2015

Hays Journal - Issue 11

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Interim change managers are in demand


Implementing change is a key challenge for customer-facing operations, and is often delivered through new technology or processes. Dealing with this challenge becomes necessary in a climate where cost-cutting, improved performance and reassessment of both business systems and processes are paramount. As a result, companies are seeking first-class professionals capable of leading such strategic changes.

Demand for specialist skills

Given the difficulty of implementing strategic changes in companies with established management teams and well-embedded structures, experienced interim change managers with specialist skills are in high demand.

This is especially true for process mapping, IT infrastructure changes, resource modelling and staffing. Despite the considerable hiring costs, an interim change manager can often find it easier to spot opportunities for improvement, thanks to their ability to make decisions objectively and apply experience that they’ve gained by working in other sectors.

Current market trends

While interim change managers are much in demand, those who were made redundant while attempting to move into the interim field were added to the existing pool of professionals, making it a crowded marketplace. Assignments are proving harder to obtain and daily rates and contract fees are going down. Therefore, it’s crucial for job seekers to highlight qualities that differentiate them from others when applying for change manager jobs.

For many years, we have placed quality professionals into strategic change management positions, including project managers, business change managers, service improvement managers and process review managers. Our candidates can work on a permanent or temporary basis and have experience in introducing change management methodologies to a range of businesses.