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Our scope of supply

Policy & Strategy recruitment search

As part of the UK’s leading recruiter, we can advise on the entire recruitment process, ensuring we attract the best candidates to the most suitable positions.

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We provide specialists in the following fields:

Project Management/Programme Delivery

Project and programme management skills are in short supply. We can help you find highly capable professionals who are experts in project management and associated methodologies and principles.

If you are seeking a qualified Prince2 Practitioner or a candidate familiar with Agile or MS Project, we can source professionals with the drive and dedication to ensure projects are delivered on time and on-budget.

Policy Development

We appreciate the importance of sourcing proven experts who understand the existing policy of a particular organisation or sector who can bring commercial experience alongside their policy expertise.

We can help you find candidates with well-developed skills in policy research, consultation and secretariat support who are able to provide briefings to senior management and elected officials on the development and implementation of policy, and source secure funding where necessary.

Research and Analysis

We have a track record of finding candidates who are experienced in developing survey design and quantitative/qualitative analysis.

These process-improvement experts have the business analysis and process mapping skills necessary to redesign delivery processes, improving performance and efficiency.

Strategy and Planning

A critical area for any organisation, we are able to source seasoned professionals with experience working across both government and industry who can develop business cases, establish governance systems, review procedure and evaluate quality management.

We can find you candidates with expertise in strategic and corporate planning, operational skills and leadership who can operate within strict budgets and achieve business or organisational goals.

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