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Access talent from Australia & New Zealand

Engineering recruitment

The UK has a shortage of skilled engineers and with Australia's economy slowing and the downturn in the mining industry, many of their best engineering employees are looking to move. Australian and New Zealand engineers are renowned for their strong work ethic and 'can-do' attitude. There's no language barrier to contend with, many have experience working with UK and other multinational companies and their key qualifications are transferable.


Engineer your business' future

Flexibility: tailored to your business needs

We're working with candidates looking for either contract or permanent roles for up to two years or longer depending on their visa status. We're also speaking to UK expats who are looking to move home and need job security. Your business can benefit from the experience of an international engineer for short or long term projects depending on your requirements.

Ease of sourcing: we'll take care of the hard work

Sourcing Engineers from the other side of the world is time consuming and fraught with logistical challenges, costs and risks. We meet your candidates in person, carry out screening interviews, arrange video interviews with you and ensure all qualifications and visas are checked before any offers are made.

Boots on the ground: a dedicated expert in Australia

Hays have invested in an experienced consultant who has worked in the Hays London office for the past five years to now recruit engineering candidates from Australia and New Zealand. We're not simply harvesting CVs via email; we're meeting your future employees in person ensuring they're the right person for your organisation.

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