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Online safeguarding & child protection training

Enhance your staff's skills

The protection of children and vulnerable adults is one of the top priorities for everyone involved in a learning environment.

Every school or college has a duty to ensure that staff receive child protection training, as a minimum, every three years.

Many run their training courses at the start of the academic year which works well for permanent members of staff and new starters. However, this may mean that staff joining during the academic year, visiting staff, short-term employees or regular visitors to the school such as governors or volunteers, may miss out on vital training.

In these instances, can you be sure that these staff members have been given guidance about their safeguarding responsibilities and the skills and training required to spot harm or abuse, identify evidence of cyber-bulling or a child suffering domestic abuse?

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Safer recruitment in education

Hays has been awarded the DfE / REC Quality Mark to recognise our safer recruitment practices

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