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Mulberry school for Girls

mulberryBackground and challenge:
Mulberry School for Girls is a high-achieving, large, multicultural secondary school in East London.

The recruitment for the school has been based around a bespoke need for specialised Teaching Assistants (TAs), especially those with experience of working with Special Educational Needs (SEN) students who are able to remove barriers to learning and promote inclusion. Mulberry also has various teams of specialist staff headed up by experienced team leaders who are focused on advancing learning in addition to Special Educational Needs.

Creating a reliable pool

  • Hays built a pool of high quality candidates local to the school to provide for emergency cover requirements.
  • Proactively running recruitment drives and staff open days to maintain a pool of highly skilled and experienced TA's to provide the support on an ad-hoc and long-term basis.

A tailored service

  • Hays developed a clear and detailed understanding of the needs of the school by ascertaining the key elements and requirements and in-turn matching the right candidates to the right year group.


  • A schedule of regular communication with the team leaders on a daily or weekly basis was set up to ensure all delivery standards were consistently being met.
  • Hays created a system to continually record feedback from the school on the performance of staff, which optimises Hays’ performance and ensures the school works with its preferred TA's.

The result
Hays have a a clear understanding of the requirements of Mulberry School for Girls which have allowed their recruitments needs to be met in a consultative and thorough manner, this is reflected in the calibre of staff supplied by Hays.