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Creative Curriculum

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How can you be creative in schools whilst satisfying Ofsted’s agenda?

In this Hays Education series of podcasts, David Cameron, one of the leading voices on education in the UK and the inspiring Sir Tim Brighouse discuss how being creative in schools can be achieved.

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#1 - An Introduction to Creative Curriculum

This is the first podcast in the series focusing on creativity within school.

In this episode Tim and David introduce us to the 'creative curriculum’ and the challenges they will be discussing in this series including the importance of a creative curriculum within school for leadership, teachers and students.

#2 - Creative Leadership and Creative Review

In this episode Tim and David discuss the tricky business of creative leadership and creative review.

This series of podcasts is based on the ‘Ten challenges to becoming a truly creative school’ booklet written by Sir Tim Brighouse and David Cameron in partnership with Hays Education. To request a free downloadable copy of the booklet please click here.


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Creative Curriculum

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