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Pension Auto Enrolment Seminar

Are you Business Ready?

The introduction of recent pensions related legislation means that all UK employers, including agencies, now have a legal duty to automatically enrol eligible workers into a qualfying pensions scheme.

Hays has been consulting with the National Employment Savings Trust (NEST) and the Pensions Regulator over the last 18 months to ensure we are business ready.

Pension administration is a complex undertaking and this seminar seeks to ensure your company is prepared.

How robust is your back office administration? How have other companies successfully implemented pension auto-enrolment legislation? What are the penalties involved for failing to comply with the regulations? This seminar will answer these critical questions and more as your company becomes business ready. Register for this breakfast seminar.


Robin Armer is a Relationship Manager with NEST Corporation, his role is to improve understanding of the pension reforms and raise awareness of how NEST can be used to help employers meet their pension requirements.

Mark Miller is the Vice President of Corporate and Employer Solutions at Barclays. Mark specialises in helping employers review their current reward strategy in order to help compliment their business objectives. Mark pays particular attention to cost efficiencies and added value.

Graeme McCormick is a specialist in auto enrolment, consulting with employers around their duties, the associated costs, and the options available under the new pensions regime. Graeme provides support to companies around the appropriate employee communication strategies and the ongoing management and governance required to achieve continued compliance.

Register for the Pension Auto Enrolment Seminar

Venue: Europa Hotel, Belfast

Date: 12th March 2013

Time: 8am - 10.30am