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Golf for Girls

Over the years, golf has become one of the business world’s best networking opportunities, but unfortunately one that many women are not always taking advantage of.

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As networking increasingly is at the top of the agenda for many professionals – whether to learn new skills, keep up with industry trends, develop new contacts or find out about new opportunities - Hays is helping to ensure that women can benefit too.

Following the hugely successful launch of Golf for the Girls last year, Hays, the leading recruiting expert, has teamed up with City Golf for a second year to launch the networking programme aimed specifically at women. The participants will have access to the facilities at City Golf at the invite-only launch event on 18th September. Following a programme of tutorials and practice rounds, the inaugural Women’s Golf Day will take place in May 2014 at a world-class golfing venue.

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Georgina Casas, Director at Hays, comments: “We were hugely pleased with the success of the Golf for the Girls networking programme last year and we are proud to team up with City Golf to run this programme for a second year. This is a unique event that allows women to learn to play this male dominated sport and network with their peers at the same time. We are sure they will be taking their place next to their colleagues on the golf course in no time.”

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