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Katherine Abraham – 6th Form Administration

Before joining St Bonaventure’s, my work history had always predominately been corporate city business, so working for a local school, which my older brother attended was a novelty. I work within the 6th Form Admin team and deal with admissions, careers and UCAS applications.

All the teachers and staff are very friendly and no two days are ever the same. All staff members are given opportunities to learn new skills and attend training courses. As a bonus, the school hosts many opportunities for staff to socialise inside and outside of school, which allows you to bond and as a result, the School becomes a stronger unit.

Working at St Bonaventure’s School has been very exciting and I look forward to many more years to come.


Janet Haastrup – Full Time Trainee Teacher

My St Bonaventure’s Journey started two years ago when I was initially employed as a Learning Support Assistant. This was an excellent opportunity for me to really understand the dynamics of an outstanding school. After my first academic school year had passed I was fortunate enough to be offered the position of a post 16 learning mentor, which I thoroughly enjoy.

However, I now have the opportunity to teach computer sciences. Due to the wonderful support network St Bonaventure’s has offered me I am now working towards becoming a fully qualified teacher of Computer Sciences.


James Fleming – NQT and Assistant Curriculum Leader

I was looking to change careers when I began working at St Bons as a Learning Support Assistant, and almost immediately found that teaching, and working with young adults, was something I really wanted to do. The school fully supported me as I undertook a degree, and, upon completion, I was offered a position in the English department as a trainee teacher.

I am now in my second year, teaching AS level English literature and Year 10 GCSE Language and Literature, as well as KS3, and I also run an extra-curricular Year 11 Gifted & Talented Book Club. I will achieve qualified teacher status in the summer of 2015 using the 'Assessment Only' route. The school is committed to my progression as a teacher and runs its own comprehensive professional development program, I work with hugely talented teachers in a highly successful department.

St Bon's is a great place to work.


Jabed Miah – Second Year Teacher

Having joined St Bonaventure’s, an outstanding school, I have discovered it is a brilliant place to be. Staff members are extremely welcoming and supportive; you will feel part of the community very quickly and share the same vision and goal of the school.

The boys are active in their education and are lively learners. St Bonaventure’s is making headlines in newspapers for a variety of reasons, whether it is for saving a pedestrian’s life to breaking records within sports. As a new teacher I am being supported to become the best I can be.


Michael Adenekan – Science Teacher with Teaching & Learning Responsibility

As a former St. Bonaventure’s student it was a brilliant opportunity to return to the school to give back to the institution which I spent 7 years at. It’s a school with a supportive friendly core of staff who are ultimately working towards the best for the boys. The boys want to succeed, and many constantly strive to do so, they are kind, friendly and quirky but a great group of lads to be helping to learn and do better every single day.

The school has significant amount of CPD sessions on offer to help with the development of your role in the school, explore areas of subject knowledge and to simply allow you to become more knowledgeable and informed as a teacher. The pedagogy behind teaching is particularly highlighted to overcome classroom challenges.

Beyond the classroom I’m developing a STEM Club within the school to see greater integration of Science with other departments, have students beginning work on Bronze Level CREST awards and alongside that developing the resources which Science has in terms of the Teaching & Learning side of work.


Aine Burke – Assistant Headteacher

I am currently Assistant Head with responsibility for student progress in KS4 at St Bonaventure’s School. I started at St Bonaventure’s as a Teaching Assistant and worked within Learning Support for 6 months. During this time I was accepted onto the Graduate Teaching Programme and qualified after only 18 months at the school, as a Religious Studies teacher. In my Graduate teaching year I was given whole school responsibility for establishing the School Council and in my NQT year was successful in my application as an assistant Head of Year.

I then became Head of Year within 3 years, was promoted to Lead Senior Tutor in 6th Form and then applied for and was successful in my current role as Assistant Headteacher. During this time I was also supported by the school with maternity leave. I have now been a leader in all Key Stages and the school has supported me in my studies for an MA in Catholic School Leadership. I have just finished my time as Staff governor, a post I held for 10 Years. St Bonaventure’s has supported me in my professional development and made me the Practitioner I am today.