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St Bonaventure's school has provided the very best education since the Franciscans first established a school in Stratford, their vision was very simple. They wanted to ensure that young people had an opportunity to make their lives better. The vision remains the same today. Our students live in some of the most deprived areas in the UK and we are their best hope of increasing their life chances. Our students work hard and their parents support us and trust us, in return they want the very best teachers. I will only employ a member of teaching staff that shows the ability to be outstanding as a classroom practitioner and the non-teaching staff must be able to assist them with this. To support the staff, I insist on good order and discipline and the students know that there are consequences to not adhering to our very simple school rules. It would be pointless employing the very best staff, if the students did not do their part in class and around the school.

As a Catholic school, our faith is pivotal to all that we do. It is not necessary to be Catholic to work at St Bonaventure's but it is essential that all adults support the school's Catholic ethos and have a caring nature and a passion for education.

St Bonaventure's is not for everyone, we have high standards for our students and we have the same high standards for our staff.

Prepare well, dress smartly and work hard - this is expected from all in the school, the adults must model to the students what we want from them.

It is for this reason that our boys start with us in Year 7 with KS2 data that is average and leave in Year 11 with the most enviable results. We are always higher than national averages in all measures, even higher than girl's attainment and progress. The same pattern is shown with our results at the end of post 16 study and we have fantastic progression rates to some of the most prestigious Universities in this country and overseas.

I welcome your application and should you be successful, you are about to embark upon an exciting and satisfying career in a school with a proven track record of student success and staff development.

Paul Halliwell


Paul Halliwell