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Multiple teaching positions in Bahrain with St Christopher’s School

Multiple teaching positions in Bahrain with St Christopher’s School

Multiple teaching positions in Bahrain with St Christopher’s School

Multiple teaching positions in Bahrain with
St Christopher’s School

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Welcome from Ed Goodwin OBE, Principal

St Christopher’s is a wonderful place to work and if you join us, you will find excellent students and truly excellent staff. In addition, St Christopher’s is a highly successful school, firmly established in the British tradition, yet with an international outlook. This is not simply our view: we have been inspected under three different inspection regimes, the most recent in March 2015 - including the British Schools Overseas regulations (recognised by the UK Department for Education) as equivalent to those used to inspect independent schools in England. In all of these we received a rating of “Outstanding” - not only as an overall judgement but for every aspect of performance as well!

Our standing as a prominent overseas British school is further indicated by our acceptance into membership of HMC (the organisation of which the leading UK independent schools are members) and the similar organisation for junior / prep schools, IAPS. In addition to this, Ed Goodwin OBE, our Principal is the Chairman of BSME (British Schools in the Middle East). The leadership of St Christopher's School has a highly positive impact on all areas of the School ensuring that all staff have a clear understanding of its present and future priorities and ensure these are monitored and developed.

The head teachers are passionate in their desire to continually improve all aspects of the School. The clearly stated vision is shared and understood by all stakeholders and drives the development of the school.

Teaching is of a high standard throughout the school and the dedication of all teachers is reflected in the academic and personal achievements of all pupils. Teams of specialist teachers have a positive impact on the quality and range of learning opportunities. Classroom assistants are used effectively to maximise their impact on pupils’ learning and progress.

Outside of the teaching aspects of your life you will find that the overall employment package is excellent. It is vital when comparing packages to look carefully at all aspects. Some schools provide only shared accommodation – here everybody has their own rent-free, 2-bed (minimum), furnished, air conditioned accommodation with 67% of electricity and water charges paid for by the School. We provide a medical insurance scheme for the employed teacher and all dependents that live with him or her in Bahrain.

Salary is paid tax-free and we also pay an end-of-service gratuity of one month’s salary per year of service. In some other countries, it is a few years before gratuity reaches this level. The final monthly salary is used to calculate gratuity.

Travel back to your home will be provided annually (even in the middle of the first two-year contract) – and we give an actual allowance rather than (as is the case in many places) a restrictive ticket. The allowance is given for the employee and all dependents resident in Bahrain and allows total flexibility as to where to travel or, indeed, whether to travel at all!

On appointment, you will receive a generous allowance with which to ship your belongings to Bahrain. The school can recommend a shipping company but you are free to make your own choice. Allowances are based on family size to take into account spouses and children.

Day-to-day life is diverse, shopping is excellent, cars are cheaper here than in England and petrol is inexpensive. There are opportunities to be involved in musical and cultural activities in the community and sporting opportunities are extensive.

Oh… and if you hate washing-up, ironing and gardening etc., domestic assistance is obtainable at a fraction of the rates paid in the UK. Many couples with children employ a full-time helper who often lives in a room attached to the house but having a separate entrance. The typical cost of a full-time person is about £285 per month. One never gets over the luxury of coming downstairs after a dinner party or party to find the house immaculate with everything washed and put away!

Our senior management and leadership structure

St Christopher’s three Schools are under the Principalship of Ed Goodwin who coordinates and links the work of the Headteachers of each school who are in turn responsible for their daily administration.

The Principal and the Heads meet weekly; this group is called the Leadership and Management Team (LMT). This is the central coordinating team for the whole School.

The Infant, Junior and Senior schools also have their own Senior Management Teams (SMTs). The Senior School currently has the Head plus one Deputy Head and four Assistant Heads, and the Junior and Infant SMTs each consist of the Head and two Assistant Heads. Assistant Head positions are seen very much as preparation for Headship. Accordingly, each of these has a clearly defined portfolio of responsibilities that will rotate as the years pass. In recent years, two Junior School Assistant Heads have gone on to good overseas headships and a Senior School Assistant Head went on to take up a Headship in Europe.

Our principal and headteachers

Ed Goodwin
Ian Fellows
Head of Infant School
Wendy Bataineh
Head of Junior School
Nick Wilson
Head of Senior School