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Qatar International School
Doha, Qatar

About Qatar International School



Our Secondary school is of an average size in comparison to schools in the UK. We currently have 800 students on roll in years 7-13 with 156 in the 6th form.

The students who attend QIS are, on the whole, highly motivated with aspirations to be accepted into the best universities around the world. The students are taught a curriculum that largely follows that of the UK and students will take IGCSE level at the end of KS4, IA Level and A Level qualifications at KS5. The behaviour of our students and their willingness to achieve and succeed ensures that QIS is popular with students, teachers & parents.

An example of our students’ academic ability would be from the summer exam series in 2014. One of our students achieved the highest grade in Qatar for IGCSE Chemistry and another the highest grade in the world for IGCSE Biology.

Our focus, in secondary, over the last two and a half years has been to improve the learning experience for our students in both their academic and non-academic studies. “Learning Comes First” is part of our vision statement and implemented on a daily basis. We continue to reflect on our practice and pride ourselves in developing and improving the students’ learning experience. To achieve this, we have a variety of internal and external CPD opportunities. The highlight of the CPD calendar is our training week. In 2015, 53 of our staff achieved certification in either OLEVI - Outstanding Leaders Programme or OLEVI – Power of Coaching. This year, we are very excited to have Sir John Jones coming to the school to lead our training week.

Our aim for 2016 is to move the school to a position where it is considered to be an outstanding educational provider and to be the best school in Qatar. To do this, we need teachers who are innovative, creative, and passionate about teaching and want only the best for the students that they teach.

Mr A Dunlop
Head of Secondary

School departments

Mathematics Department

The Mathematics department is one of the largest in the secondary school- currently with 10 team members - including a Head and Deputy Head of Mathematics. The department offers a thorough curriculum to pupils from Year 7 to Year 13. In Year 7 and Year 8 we follow the National Curriculum levels from England. In Year 9 the highest achieving pupils follow our accelerated Extended IGCSE course and complete this over two years. The accelerated set then complete the IGCSE Additional Mathematics course in Year 11. All other Year 9 pupils start Core IGCSE, and go on to Extended or Core IGCSE in Year 10 depending on ability. We use Cambridge for our IGCSE examinations.

In Years 12/13 we offer the International AS/A Level through Edexcel. We also offer the International Further AS/A Level through Edexcel for our highest achieving pupils. The department has enjoyed outstanding results for many years due to its excellent teaching and learning. Pupils regard the department very highly and place a huge importance on the subject. As a result, we have the luxury of 6 AS classes, and 3 A2 classes. All teachers have their own classrooms, and have access to interactive boards. As a department we are extremely well resourced. The Mathematics department are very positive and an excellent work ethic exists within the team. If you are interested in working with a vibrant, progressive and high achieving team - then please apply.

Business Studies Department

The successful applicant will become a key member of the Business Studies Department, joining a team constantly seeking to be innovative, inspiring and caring. The department has been steadily growing since its inception in 1994. At present, we have 5 full-time teachers – including Head and Depute Head of the department – plus 2 members of the Senior Leadership Team, who teach in a part-time capacity. Each teacher has their own classroom located in our new, well-resourced Business Studies suite of rooms.

The inclusive education that the department provides helps to prepare our students for the ever-evolving challenges of today's world. Emphasis is placed on presenting outstanding lessons, raising students’ satisfaction, and supporting them to fulfil their potential. Regular CPD is provided in the department, enabling teachers, both established and new, to share resources with, and provide support to, their colleagues.

The department offers Business, Accounting and Economics to both AS and A Level, as well as Business Studies, Accounting, Economics and Commerce at IGCSE level. All subjects follow Cambridge International Examinations’ courses, with the students consistently achieving outstanding results. These courses have proved to be very popular with both parents and students alike, with the number of students opting for them increasing each year, consequently providing all the department’s teachers the opportunity to teach KS4 and KS5 classes.

Science Department

The QIS Science Department is forward-looking and unafraid to take risks or try new things. We pride ourselves on our consistently good results but are always looking for ways to improve. We have a solid blend of staff from varying backgrounds at different stages of their careers which provides the perfect blend of experience and enthusiasm. As a department we keep up to date with current educational trends though we do not slavishly follow them. Instead we decide which to adopt in the best interests of our pupils. Above all we value teamwork, innovation and a strong work ethic.

The Science Department at QIS is the largest department in the school with 15 teachers (4 physicists, 4 chemists and 7 biologists) and 3 full time technicians. Well equipped with practical resources, we have 13 laboratories and 2 prep rooms as well as a break out space for group work. At KS3 pupils are taught the three sciences separately on a termly rotational basis following a modified version of the National Curriculum. At KS4 our pupils sit the IGCSE examinations from the Cambridge examination board. For A level pupils follow the International A Level specification from Edexcel. Sciences are a popular option for KS5, currently we run 14 AS & A2 classes so there is always the opportunity for A level teaching Many of our pupils want to go on to study medicine and engineering which helps to keep a high demand for the sciences.


We are looking for an outstanding practitioner to support the department in teaching French from Key Stage 2 – 5. This is an excellent opportunity to work with our experienced department in a caring and supportive environment where students are passionate about education. The French Department at QIS is a small department with currently 3 full time members of staff but we have aspirations to grow the subject and increase the number of examination classes at KS4 and 5. A number of our students are in fact first language French speakers and the subject enjoys a good deal of popularity with parents.

We offer French at KS2 and KS3 to most students and IGCSE at KS4. Students can opt for AS and A2 French in years 12 and 13, where they develop their language skills to A Level standard and explore different cultural aspects of France and their home country. As a department we organise language events, external trips, international trips to French-speaking countries and links with other schools in Doha, as well as similar events to promote language learning across the whole school. Our results at IGCSE and A Level are always outstanding, having achieved 100% A*- C at IGCSE and AS/A2 in 2013 and 2014. This is mostly due to our smaller classes and motivated students as well as the department’s desire to try new techniques, share good practice and keep up to date with new initiatives.

English Department

The QIS English department is a dynamic, forward thinking team of twelve teachers who thrive when presented with fresh challenges. We strive to gain the best results from our students and work well together to ensure that every student achieves, or exceeds, their potential. Many of our teachers also have additional posts of responsibility; this highlights the strength and diversity we have in our team.

At KS3 we follow the English National Curriculum and at KS4 all students currently sit the Edexcel IGCSE English Language in Year 10. Our more able students also have the opportunity to go on to take English Literature in Year 11. At Advanced Level, we have many students keen to study the IAL in both Language and Literature as they value the secure foundation it provides for when they apply to Universities in the UK & USA. We are not prescriptive in our teaching and embrace opportunities to link our curriculum content to current affairs and local culture. Despite our students being predominately second language learners, we pride ourselves on the high results we attain at both IGCSE and A Level which are higher than both UK and international averages.

History Department

As a teacher of History in QIS you will be part of a vibrant department that teaches friendly, motivated and highly capable students from many different countries and cultural backgrounds. All of our year groups follow the English curriculum from Year 7 through to A-Level (including the English National Curriculum in KS3, Edexcel International GCSE and CIE International A-Level).

The History Department is part of the Humanities Department, along with Geography, and so you will be leading at team of 6 teachers, each with their own permanent classroom. If you are interested in leading this important curriculum area and strong team of teachers to more success and greater achievements then we look forward to hearing from you.

Geography Position QIS

Applications are invited for the position of Secondary Teacher of Geography. As a teacher of Geography in QIS you will be part of a vibrant department that teaches friendly, motivated and highly capable students from many different countries and cultural backgrounds. All of our year groups follow the English curriculum from Year 7 through to A-Level (including the English National Curriculum in KS3, Edexcel International GCSE and Edexcel A-Level). While we follow the English curriculum as a member of the department you will also be given the freedom to augment your lessons to allow your passion for the subject to shine.

The Geography Department is part of the Humanities Department along with History and has 3 teachers teaching each subject and each teacher has their own permanent classroom. As a teacher of Geography you will be involved in regular field trips around Qatar, including visiting the beautiful mangroves and beaches, as well as having the opportunity to take part in or organise international trips each year. The Geography Department is led by Mr. McPherson, who has been teaching at the school for 6 years. Mr. McPherson, along with the other members of the Department, is keen to offer as much assistance as possible to new staff in terms of providing resources and helping them adjust to a new teaching environment. If you are interested in being part of a forward thinking, dynamic and supportive department that achieves excellent results on a yearly basis we look forward to hearing from you.

Primary Department - Key Stage 2

The school is a six form entry school with 24 classes of 22 pupils per class. The classes are housed in two blocks, each containing twelve classrooms and an ICT suite. The school day begins at 06:45 and ends at 1:10. We have a weekly CPD meeting and all staff volunteer for a one hour extra-curricular activity each week. Our CPD programme is designed and delivered by our excellent teaching staff and delivers high quality, relevant training. Each year group plans together with teachers sharing the planning and resourcing of lessons, as a result, individual planning time is greatly reduced. The children benefit from being taught by specialist teachers for Arabic, Islamic, French, P.E. and ICT. As a result, teachers enjoy approximately eight hours non-contact time per week, which allows for quality Planning, Preparation and Administration time (gone are the days of walking out of school carrying an armful of books to mark).

Our year-group teams are almost exclusively British staff, but we also have some international colleagues, which enhances the truly international flavour of the school. The teams not only work closely together, but tend to live in close proximity to each other (our accommodation is of a very high standard) and socialise together. This makes for a fantastic sense of camaraderie throughout the school and creates strong and lasting friendships. Our pupils are mainly English-speaking Arabic children who are an absolute pleasure to teach. Hardworking (in the main) courteous and polite, they are a credit to both their parents and the school.

Working at QIS not only allows you the time and space to work to a very high standard of professionalism, but equally as important, allows for a work-life balance which most teachers can only dream of.

Primary Department - Key Stage 1

Our Key Stage 1 block is a bright, friendly place, where staff support each other to produce a caring and stimulating environment. Our six teachers in each year group plan and work together to share the workload and to deliver best practise. We have introduced the ‘Read Write Inc’ scheme to the children this year and it has already proved to be a huge success. We also have a range of exciting topics that are covered during the course of the year including linked educational visits and guest speakers. Due to the fact that we have a high percentage of EAL learners our curriculum reflects that in the amount of English we cover in to order to achieve our high standards. We have a ten enthusiastic teaching assistants working alongside us in the block, all trained with our current schemes and ready to help with intervention groups and the daily routines of Key Stage 1.

Our students are lovely, willing to work and learn in our classes. The students’ parents are also great, we don’t always see many of them often as a number of our students are picked up by maids and drivers, however, when we have a concert or a parents’ evening, they are supportive and very generous. We communicate with the parents via email on a weekly basis and the Class Dojo allows opportunities for daily updates too.

Although we have a mix of nationalities and ages amongst our staff, we all get along very well with each other. There are many occasions where we get together for lunch after school or to celebrate one another’s birthdays. We try to be like family for each other because we are all expats away from home.

We are encouraged to resource our lessons with a variety of media including ICT. We have two hours of staff training after school on Sundays and we all contribute at least an hour to an after school activity. Our Continuous Professional Development programme is designed around sharing good practise with additional input from international experts. Some of us deliver tuition to students after school for which we receive extra payment. Doha itself is a great place to live; safe, moderate, sporty, full of sunshine with excellent opportunities to network with other expats.

Foundation Stage

Our Foundation Stage block is one of the happiest places in our school. The thing that will strike you most about walking into it is how calm it is, in spite of the ages of the children we promote focussed learning at all times. We have just improved our planning; all our teams plan together to share ideas and promote the best provision for our assessments. Continuous provision is now being implemented throughout the Foundation Stage and the ‘Read Write Inc’ scheme has also been introduced to the children in Foundation Stage this year in order to ensure consistency and progression throughout the school. Our team was the first to host a ‘Qatar Spark’ training event which was specifically targeted on improving and sharing ideas within the Foundation Stage.

Each of our classes has a full time Teaching Assistant and we have 22 students in each class. We are well resourced with a focus on Learning through Play. Our students have specialist Arabic, Music and PE teachers. We have designed our own Arabic Curriculum which promotes the enjoyment of the language using the Foundation Stage criteria and ethos of learning.

Our colleagues are great, we all work well together and often socialise out of school together. When the weather allows it, we make full use of the covered outdoor area which has play equipment and various activities for the children to enjoy. We also have a shared indoor area with books and a large play area. All of our classes are well resourced, bright and stimulating. Interruptions to learning are kept to a minimum as management see their role as supportive to the students’ learning. The emphasis here at QIS is truly focussed on the children in our care.


Teaching Couple

I am always happy to help, please see my testimonial below.

My wife and I have been at QIS for the last 5 years and have found it a very rewarding experience. The pupils here are like no others I've ever taught and really make me want to come to work every day. Relocating to Doha was a straight-forward process and school took care of the residency procedure for me, arranged for my bank account to be set up and also helped me get a driving licence.

My wife and I have been at QIS for the last 5 years and have found it a very rewarding experience. The pupils here are like no others I've ever taught and really make me want to come to work every day. Relocating to Doha was a straight-forward process and school took care of the residency procedure for me, arranged for my bank account to be set up and also helped me get a driving licence.

QIS is great for CPD and staff development - I've been to both Dubai and London for training- as well as several course here in Doha. I was concerned that leaving the UK would mean that I would lose touch with cutting edge practice but this has not been the case. All staff are given the chance to develop their skills and opportunities for career progression occur on a regular basis.

Doha is a bustling capital city with lots to do, especially if you like sport. Since arriving in Doha I've seen world class golf, football, tennis and motorsports. All of these are cheap to attend and offer the opportunity to get much closer to the action than other countries. I really enjoy the great outdoors so spend lots of time exploring the desert camping. Doha nightlife offers plenty to keep you entertained whether it's theatre or night clubs. Eating out is very much part of the culture here and there are options to suit every taste and budget. I love to travel and with Doha being a hub flights are reasonably priced. Dubai, Abu Dhabi and Oman are all very close so they are great for weekends away.

In summary I think that QIS is a good school and Doha is a great place to live. I still have to pinch myself sometimes to remind myself that this is all real.

Head of Secondary Maths

I would highly recommend coming to Qatar and working for Qatar International School. I have worked here for almost four years. On arrival, the support offered by the school was great. I had a very positive interview, with excellent communication about the post before and after arriving. During my time, I have found there to be plenty of opportunities for staff to further and develop their career. I have been promoted twice since arriving, and have found excellent support during both steps. The staff are from a mixture of backgrounds and are a lovely group. There is someone for everyone, and I have made many lifelong friends since arriving. The CPD opportunities during the early years were limited, but this is improving and I expect the opportunities to grow vastly next year.

The accommodation has been a big focus this year, and new, modern and well equipped accommodation has been offered to staff. This accommodation is within driving, or running distance from school - the walk may be a bit much in the morning! This has been a goal of the new management team, and has been very well received. Doha is also an international hub. I have travelled to many locations from here including India, Dubai, Abu Dhabi, South Africa, Europe, Sri Lanka and many more. Doha isn't for everyone. It is not as modern or western as Dubai, but has been home to me for almost four years, and I am very happy here.

Primary Teacher

I came to QIS wanting a healthy work life balance, to teach the British Curriculum and still develop as a professional. I have achieved all this and what was initially a place to work in for two years has now become my home.

The staff at QIS are like a family and extremely helpful. Remember, you are starting with like-minded people and before you know it, you have whole new set of friends to go through the experience with. As well as school friends there are numerous clubs and societies here you can join such as sports teams and drama societies. Qatar is fast becoming a popular venue for concerts and sporting events. There is always something going on, whether it be the Tennis Championships or a beach barbeque with friends, people are always organising events and you are never short of things to do. There are lots of opportunities to visit neighbouring countries – Dubai is only a short flight away.

Students at Qatar International School are a joy to teach. Colleagues who have moved to other schools always refer back to the impeccable behaviour of our children. Class sizes are small and you have specialised teachers for subjects like Music and PE in Primary. There are 6 teachers per year group in Primary which is excellent for sharing ideas and resources.

We are extremely lucky at QIS as we are situated right in the City Centre near shops, hotels and restaurants. One my favourite things to do after work is go for a run along the Corniche which is a 5 minute drive from school.

The private medical care at QIS is better than a lot of schools. Most of the health centres you can get an appointment there and then. We also receive some money off dental care and the majority of prescriptions are free.

I really enjoy working at QIS. I have seen the school go through changes in the past few years and the current management, fresh from the UK, are continuing to raise the standard of the school. It is an exciting time to join QIS!

Primary Teacher

For me, personally, moving to Doha to work at QIS was very straightforward. Flights were booked for me, VISAs arranged and I was given the details of people I could contact at the school with questions or concerns. Upon arrival I was taken straight to my apartment (10minutes from school by car), which, although basic and not at all homely at first, had been equipped with all the essential food, drink and equipment to allow me to survive the first few days. Following that I was taken everywhere I needed to go for the first week. It was a bit daunting, coming to a new country alone and once the initial week was over, I must admit that I had anxieties about getting to school, finding my way around and starting my new job properly but I overcame all of this with time, as I’m sure most people would. That was all over eighteen months ago now and I haven’t looked back!

Qatar is quite different to many other places in the world – it has its own charm and quirks. Some people will tell you that the Doha is a difficult place to live since the roads are busy and the whole city is still undergoing construction; the timescales on which things get done differ greatly to elsewhere in the world and some everyday tasks (e.g. getting your car repaired) can be quite challenging. Overall, however, I’d say my lifestyle here is much more sociable, fulfilling, interesting and carefree than my lifestyle back in the UK. It’s easy to travel to many international destinations from Qatar - the Far East and Africa for example require a much shorter flight from here than they do from the UK. Dubai is only a 45minute flight away so is a great place to visit for the weekend. If you’re staying in Doha though, there is an abundance of places to eat and drink, with some of the finest restaurants I’ve ever dined in. There are also plenty of social clubs, groups and teams which are easy to join. I myself have joined a darts team, despite never having played darts before! It’s easy to get involved with new things here though as people are friendly and welcoming and most groups and teams exist with the overriding objective of being sociable.

I believe QIS is a great school to work at. The staff are supportive and friendly and since the vast majority of staff are expats of various nationalities, everyone understands one another’s situation and the unique set of problems and emotions that living and working away from your home country can bring. Having said that, living and working away can be difficult, but for me, the excellent network of colleagues and friends I’ve made means there’s always someone to talk to or turn to. The children at the school are delightful and I have taken great pleasure in teaching my Year 4 class for the past two years.

I have found that, so far, my professional development and career progression here have been somewhat slower than they might have been in the UK but QIS is a school which is currently undergoing huge development and this is one of the things I can see is already improving. The management are approachable and have an ‘open-door’ policy and I have had no qualms about taking advantage of this and talking to my Phase Leader, the Head of Primary and the Principal about professional (and personal) matters. In conclusion, I have no regrets about moving to Doha or working at QIS. QIS has an excellent reputation and is well respected locally. Current developments and management leave me confident that the school will go from strength to strength in terms of what it is able offer staff and in its status in Qatar.

Teaching Couple

Secondary Assistant Head Teacher (previously Head of English) Wife is Head of KS5.

Re-located 3 years ago with their 2 young children.

Working at QIS has afforded me a number of opportunities I would otherwise not have been fortunate enough to experience. Bringing our young family out here was not a decision we took lightly, but my wife and I are both in agreement that we wish we had done it far sooner. The satisfaction you get from the students, the fact you can actually teach rather than manage behaviour and the friendly, bright students you encounter that (positively) challenge you on a daily basis, in addition to their supportive parents who regard you highly as a professional, far surpass my experiences of teaching in the UK.

There are opportunities for more rapid career progression given the naturally transient nature of the expat teaching community and it is evident that strong professionals can do very well here, indeed QIS has been the catalyst for my progression into senior leadership.

The professional development programme is gathering pace, and it is clear that the Principal and Heads of school are keen advocates of lifelong learning in ensuring that as far as possible that staff at all levels are enhancing their professional skill set and equipping themselves to progress to the next stage of their careers. To this end there is a huge amount of investment happening in school at present. It definitely feels like an exciting place to be and as someone who is presently studying for a Masters in Educational Leadership and Management I am learning a great deal from a first-hand practical perspective about effective school leadership and development.

Finally, the lifestyle in Qatar is fantastic and in my view, you should always consider the bigger picture of lifestyle before simply salary. If money was a driving factor behind moving to The Gulf, I could be earning more in Saudi Arabia or Kuwait but I know from colleagues who have gone onto those countries that their lifestyles are considerably more compromised than Qatar and the likely tenure in schools there tend to be short-lived. Qatar is an easy place to live once you have settled, the accommodation here is of a very high standard (and free), we have excellent private healthcare - far superior to that in the UK, annual flight allowances and educational provision for our kids. In short we live very comfortably and make substantially more savings than we would in the UK. The sun always shines, there is plenty to do outside of work and we generally have the same level of freedom one would enjoy in the West.

In short, QIS is an exciting, progressive and rewarding place to be and I hope I shall remain here for some time yet to come

Primary Senior Manager (Single)

I decided to apply for jobs abroad due to wanting a new challenge, both personally and professionally. I was getting to the point when I knew I was becoming comfortable in my previous surroundings and knew I’d settle there unless I did something to push me out of my comfort zone. I researched positions in the Middle East, which was the complete unknown for me having never visited before. I saw the advertisement for QIS, so went to the website to find out more about the school. The main thing that struck me was how friendly and down to earth the information was about moving abroad, and the understanding that it is a big upheaval to leave your family and friends to step into something completely new.

My interview was with the Principle and the Head of Primary over Skype, both of whom made me feel relaxed and able to ask questions about the school, the expectations of my role and life out in the Middle East. Once I had been offered the job, the next process was easy for me; sending in documents via email when needed. From that, everything was sorted including my flights, visa and the setting up of a Qatari Bank Account.

A large group of us travelled together after being given each other’s emails to get in contact before we flew out so from the offset, I knew that I wasn’t on my own in the move. We were met at the airport by current staff at the school which immediately made me realise I’d moved to a school that cared about its staff and wanted us to feel comfortable and valued. Our accommodation is a real asset with furniture, kitchen appliances, crockery, bedding and bills all being provided as part of our contract. Most of the staff live in close proximity to each other with free access to a gym, swimming pool and BBQ area.

The school has a committed vision which is striving for us to become the best school in Doha and so expectations of staff are high. However, working in a 6 form entry Primary allows for a strong team ethos and support from others so you’re never on your own. Teaching here involves working in an international environment with children from over 60 nationalities. This makes the classroom varied and dynamic, with students bringing in experiences from all over the world. Although you have to get up early, the day finishes much earlier than the UK allowing opportunities to fit in what you’d like to do in the afternoon/evening.

Doha itself is a busy, vibrant place which is hot most of the year round and is very close to the sea. QIS is in the City Centre, about a ten minute drive from the school’s accommodation. There are plenty of shopping malls, cinemas, hotels with bars and restaurants and it is definitely the place to be if you enjoy an active lifestyle. While I have been here over the last five months, I’ve started playing squash, taken up wakeboarding, been into the desert, gone to exercise classes in the Pearl and run on the Corniche. I’ve also been able to travel even in the short time I’ve been here due to Doha being a great centre to connect to the rest of the world. I’ve been to Dubai twice, skiing over Christmas, Sri Lanka in half term and I’m planning to visit Asia in Easter. The opportunities that come from living here have surprised me. Moving away from familiarity is tough and it does take time to adjust. It is not an easy choice. However I know how incredibly lucky I have been to be employed at QIS as they have made the transition easy and made me feel part of the team from day one.

If you want a change, a challenge and a chance to start a new chapter, then I would strongly recommend considering applying here.

Primary Teacher (Single)

Moving to Qatar was a big step for me. As a young woman, I had my reservations regarding my personal safety and freedom. Although it is a cultural shock at first, I came to realise that Qatar is a safe country and people extremely respectful. I haven't changed my lifestyle, just adjust like I have done in other countries I have lived in the past. Weekends start on Thursdays afternoons instead of Friday. Shops close for Friday morning prayers, car is indispensable to move around Doha (or getting the number of a reliable taxi driver). Once you get around these idiosyncrasies, that's it! You have master living in Doha.

However, what is making this experience worthwhile for me personally is the children in my class. I am teaching for the first time Year 3 and I couldn't be happier. They are eager to learn and appreciate the effort you put in every lesson. In addition, parents respect you as a teacher and support you with their children's progress at home.

The staff is young and energetic, always looking for opportunities to hang out and relax. Some have been to the desert, other have visited countries such as Oman, Thailand or Sri Lanka during school breaks, and there are normally barbaques or some sort of event involving food. When my partner, a teacher in school as well, got sick, we both received the support we needed at the time. It is in those tough times that the quality of the leadership and management in school shines. I am very greatful for their continuous support.

In a nutshell, QIS and Qatar are a great option if you are looking to challenge yourself personally and professionally.

Residency Information

School Accommodation

QIS are able to offer high quality accommodation

High quality self-contained apartments in the Al Gharafa area of Doha.
Single Teachers are offered 1 bedroom apartments
Couples’ will receive spacious 2 bedroom apartments

The staff al live in close proximity of each other in elf contained apartments owned by the school.
The accommodation is close to the school’s clubhouse, gym and pool facilities.
The accommodation I based around a 15 minute drive from the school by car in a very pleasant residential area, just a short walk from 3 very nice Malls.

inside home.JPG
Bedroom 2.JPG
Visa Information and Visa Costs

The visa cost to enter Qatar will be covered by the school as will all paperwork required to gain residency once in the country.
We will also reimburse some of the costs of the attestation paperwork that is required for qualifications etc. before entering the country.
This is done up to approximately 100 pounds and is paid after 3 months of work has been completed.

All of these details are covered in the welcome book which is issued once an offer is accepted.

Exit Visas are required by all employed teaching staff to travel in and out of Qatar. They are issued free by the school and are quick and easy to arrange for planned travel. For emergency situations the school can provide emergency visas for travel in a matter of minutes.

Teachers are free to travel and exit Qatar and the airport now operates a series of e-gates which speeds up the process still further for residents.