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The University has a new and ambitious strategy for 2020 which highlights the transformative role that IT will play in its life and evolution, so this is a very exciting time for Information Services (IS) and IT professionals at the university. We have two major transformational change programmes and are recruiting people like you!

Information Services Renew – Foreword from Mary Visser

"I joined Information Services as the new CIO in July 2013 and found the senior IT team here to be eager for change. Together we’ve created a compelling vision of the future. The University embraced this and by November 2013 we had the support of the Executive Board for our IS Renew programme. This is restructuring and reinvigorating the Information Services organisation and creating the capable, innovative and agile IT partner the university needs. We are strengthening the core IS team on a permanent basis across a wide range of disciplines”. Find out more about Information Services Renew here

Project Transform – Foreword from Simon Tonkiss

"Project Transform is also recruiting permanent IT professionals who will ultimately become part of Information Services but will be seconded immediately on a full time basis to the project team for the duration of the development. This programme is transforming the experience the university provides to students, placing them at the heart of its global community. This will involve fundamental change to the business processes which underpin the student journey through the institution, major organisational change across professional services teams, and the implementation of a comprehensive, integrated suite of supporting IT systems”. Find out more about Project Transform here

This is an exciting time to join one of the world’s leading universities.

We look forward to welcoming you!

Mary Visser - CIO – Information Services
Simon Tonkiss – Technology Director – Project Transform