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Executive careers

London Borough of Waltham Forest


Dear Applicant

Thank you for your interest in a career with Waltham Forest, where we are determined that all our schools and students should have high aspirations and excellent attainment levels on a par with the best in London. Over the last three years we have made great progress; to continue the drive to excellence we have restructured our schools services and created three exciting new opportunities for education leaders. You can find out more about these roles on this site.

In Waltham Forest we have embraced a model of “Think Family”. At its heart, this is about recognising that families are really a system and if we want to support them, intervention needs to be with the family as a whole. As professionals we all need to recognise how the needs and outcomes of each family member interconnect and impact on each other. All parts of our education system have a huge part to play in this and if you come to Waltham Forest you will get the opportunity to work with colleagues and partners across the education, health and social care sectors to secure the best results for our families and their children.

Our rapid improvement over the last three years has only been made possible by the close relationships forged across our education system, and we are proud of the strength of our education network, which we call The Hub. You can find out more about The Hub on this site. Our next stage of development is the creation of a Learning Trust for Waltham Forest and as key managers in the Schools Standards division, you will have vital roles to play in the Trust’s development, launch and success.

Waltham Forest is a great place to work. The Borough is young, dynamic and diverse; we are growing really fast and working smart and hard to make sure we have the schools and school places to support our expanding population of children and young people. Regeneration is bringing a new look, as well as new opportunities, to the Borough.

Come to Waltham Forest and enjoy a successful, fulfilling career with a team that will inspire and support you in equal measure, but where you will be challenged to raise the bar and show how you can maximise your impact on the life of the Borough’s families.

Best regards

Linzi Egan-Roberts
Deputy Chief Executive