Job opportunities

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member opportunities

Inshore Fisheries & Conservation Authorities

The roles

The Marine Management Organisation is looking to appoint a number of members with marine experience to contribute to the work of the IFCAs influencing the management of inshore fisheries.

David Abbott, Head of Marine Compliance for the Marine Management Organisation, who is making the appointments, said: “This is an excellent opportunity for an experienced person in the inshore marine area to use their skills to influence decisions on how their local area is managed.

Members will contribute their knowledge and expertise to provide sustainable management of the inshore marine area of their IFCA district. Members guide the IFCA to deliver its mandate under the Marine and Coastal Access Act 2009 and in line with Defra guidance. Members attend quarterly meetings and should expect to commit broadly 1 day per month to their IFCA.

The MMO actively encourages applications from individuals representing the economic, social and environmental needs of their IFCA district and who bring a variety of relevant interests including:

  • Fishing groups(commercial and non-commercial)
  • Environmental and Conservation groups
  • Other parties interested in the work of IFCAs.